Team cohesion for sustainability


SSI believes motivating staffs can help to enhance customer satisfaction, thereby increasing added values for shareholders and partners. SSI has applied various approaches to ensure every member can stay happy at work and maintain a work life balance. By valuing this balance, SSI has, in effect, made families and friends of SSI staffs proudly become a part of SSI. This has improved connection between each staff and the team, creating a strong bond for SSI’s sustainable development.

Corporate culture is especially highlighted by SSI in our development on the basis of established core values. Such culture is indicative of SSI’s features, philosophies and also incorporated in the company’s strategies to date. It has shaped the spirit of SSI and each employee, which has continuously been nurtured, engaging all staff in the common development. With the SSI spirit being constantly nurtured, each member will increasingly strengthen their bond with the Company for the sake of a common development.

Personnel structure
As at 31/12/2017, the total number of SSI staffs is 887, of whom those holding undergraduate and postgraduate degrees account for a dominant majority (97%). SSI possesses a young and well-trained labor force who continuously improve themselves through practical experience. SSI staffs always update knowledge to stay current with industrial trends and create added values for customers.


Recruitment approach
In SSI, we aim to become a “cradle for talent development.” SSI offers equal opportunities to all applicants, from new graduates to experienced professionals in the financial market. SSI is willing to provide training and opportunities to encourage employees to take up challenge and fulfill their potentials. In 2016, SSI recruited 294 new members to strengthen human resource and replace retiring and resigning staff with a reasonable diversity of age and gender, representing an 23% increase compared to the one of 2016. In which, the majority is under 30 years old, well-educated with 89% holding bachelor degree and 11% holding master degree, enthusiastic and creative.

Our approach is simply to offer a working environment where every individual can fulfill their potential. To maintain our status as Vietnam’s leading financial institution with enormous potential to expand regionally in Asia, SSI focuses on attracting outstanding individuals with international qualifications and skills to develop with.




Develop human resources’ professional competence and skills
Human resources are the competitive advantage of SSI. To retain the status as Vietnam’s leading financial institution and to grow internationally, SSI focuses on developing high quality human resources to satisfy increasingly demanding markets.

SSI encourages and creates the best conditions for all employees to develop comprehensively in terms of both professional qualifications and soft skills, appropriately to each job position through Company Training Program.


SSI has developed a series of position-specific training and development programs for employees at all levels to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge needed to perform their duties, as well as encourage them to continue to develop and embark on their career at SSI. SSI aims to foster a learning culture in which continuous learning is both a right and responsibility of all individuals within the company. In 2017, the Company developed a detailed plan and allocated VND6 billion for training provided through physical classes, distance learning, and on-the-job trainings. Its training programs were continuously updated to meet market requirements; training for international certification was urged to raise employees’ competence to international standards, not only for those in its Business Units but also for those in Accounting, Internal Audit, Risk Management and Information Technology.

At the beginning of employment, all SSI employees shall attend Orientation Training, and during employment term, on the job training is provided to ensure fulfillment of job requirements. With mechanism to encourage participation in professional training, as well as strict implementation of mandatory training regulated by the Securities Commission, SSI constantly increases the percentage of employees having Practicing Certificate, and other professional certificates such as CFA, ACCA, FRM, etc.

In 2017, the Company organized and co-organized many professional training courses and sent employees to compulsory training programs for a total of over 33,000 training hours (versus 18,000 training hours in 2016). In order to meet the pressing needs of the derivatives market, SSI swiftly organized professional training courses on Derivatives and related programs and seminars to prepare its staffs professionally as well as to impart information to customers.

Internal training courses for Professional Competence division throughout the system via in-house training sessions, seminars, and consultations, etc. receive positive feedback. Internal trainers were well trained through “Train the Trainer” courses and various experience sharing activities to stay updated professionally. Besides, distinctive policies for internal trainers have really worked its magic.

Internal trainers gradually improved their training capability and successfully organized useful and practical courses. In-house training programs held continually over weekends were highly appreciated and achieved substantial impact.

Based on the Company’s Training program by position, or Training Map, we continued to offer skills training to specific groups of employees. In more details, a series of training sessions on Inspirational Leadership, Presentation, Sales Skills, and the latest one on Professional Style in Business helped to inspire, motivate and equip employees with tools to improve their efficiency. These training courses provide fundamental knowledge and skills to provide employees with a positive and scientific perspective of their work in particular and life in general, and help them develop their communication and problem-solving skills. In addition, these training programs are great team building opportunities where employees can share their working experience and understand their colleagues better.

Professional training courses receive much interest not only from Treasury Department, but also from Administration and Support Department. Training courses on Corporate Governance, Project Management (PMP), Advanced Accounting; Corporate Finance Analysis, Advanced Marketing, Human Resource Management, and update courses for IT organized by professional and reputable training partners contributed to improving overall performance of the Company.

We believe every employee needs to fully understand the company’s code of conduct and regulations, which is critical to the sustainable development of SSI in particular and the stock market in general. Therefore, training programs and workshops on code of conduct and updated legal framework are organized regularly and actively joined by all employees.



For many years, commitment to training can be observed throughout all activities of SSI. Besides conventional training methods, SSI also employed innovative internal training models such as Year-end Wrap-up (Gala), year-end parties of departments, and some other internal activities to facilitate information updates, promote corporate culture and bridge the management with the staff and among staff in the pursuit of common goals namely a more prosperous company, better working environment and personal and organizational development.

All these elements, from professional competence, soft skills, codes of conduct to corporate culture, shall be incorporated in staff’s ways of thinking and behaviors. This also constitutes SSI’s brand of human resources, which is dynamic, competent, aspiring and compliant with standards. SSI values continuous human resource development and upholds our human resource brand towards greater professionalism.

Remuneration is linked to work performance assessment system; Comprehensive welfare policies
These are important policies to create employee loyalty and coherence. With fair and competitive remuneration policies, SSI Management commits to ensure reasonable payment of salaries and bonuses in the best interest of staff and shareholders.

SSI focuses on developing the 3P remuneration model (Position, Person, Performance).  This model fixes shortcomings of conventional payment methods such as overemphasizing qualifications and seniority and failing to separating work performance and contribution to corporate goals. With this new model, SSI can:
-    Align financial rewards with employees’ contribution and remain competitive in the market.
-    Attract and retain talents with fair remuneration policies
-    Encourage staff to perform more effectively by acknowledging their contribution properly and fairly

Work performance assessment is supported by the Performance Management System (PMS), ensuring transparency, convenience and information privacy. Based on assessment results, the company acknowledges individuals’ values and contribution with proper and flexible remuneration policies. Promotion and personal development opportunities are also based on observation and recognition of employees’ work performance and progress. This helps them better visualize their career path with SSI.




In 2017, SSI has spent over VND375 billion on salaries, insurance premiums, other benefits, performance-based bonuses following year-end performance review; of which performance bonuses accounted for a relatively large proportion.


Aiming towards an ideal working environment
SSI defines an ideal working environment as a workplace which facilitates innovation and endeavor while ensuring a work life balance. This is especially important for high-level executives. SSI employees are encouraged to work efficiently, relax reasonably and participate in sports and social activities. These activities are intended to help employees obtain work-life balance and foster bond among the team. SSI has common interest clubs such as photography, yoga, football and performance which are eagerly joined by employees. In this 4th run, SSI’s Family Day has truly become an event for all families of our staffs to come together and network. This is an annual occurrence appreciated and looked forward to by SSI employees as well as their families. Such events have helped to enhance family bonds as well as to foster connection between staff’s families and the Company.

Through charity work dedicated to poor children and farmers in mountainous and disadvantaged areas, SSI continues to develop a connected team who is willing to share and contribute to the development of society. Social responsibility of each individual and of the entire organization is always upheld and encouraged by the Management.

In addition, SSI applies a humanitarian policy of flexible working time to support female employees with small children so that they can devote entirely to the company.

The Company also tries to create working environments and fair development opportunities between male and female staffs. SSI still maintains a gender balance between male and female employees. With female employees, the Company always complies with all regulations on female labors and creates favorable conditions for female employees returning to work post maternity. Understanding and sharing family responsibilities with employees, SSI believes that only when an employee rests assured of his/her family can the desirable performance be achieved. Job sharing and backup personnel in cases of employees on sick leave, maternity, caring for sick family members are positively engaged by both leaders and employees.




Health care and safety for staffs
Besides its full compliance with the health insurance policy specified in the Labor Code, the Company continued to provide additional health and accident insurance so that its staffs can be completely devoted to the company. This also helps to lighten their financial burden in case of health problems, etc. SSI always selects and partners with prestigious and professional insurance agents to arrange additional insurance for its employees and their relatives.

Regular medical checkups are conducted by reliable and renowned health-care facilities to monitor employees’ health and detect any problems for early intervention. Health-related information is tracked over years and used as input to design relevant additional health insurance schemes for employees.

The Company continued to pay keen attention to the staff’s health. In addition to raising awareness of health care and disease updates for employees, internal activities also aim to build a healthy lifestyle to protect and enhance the health of employees and their families. On a quarterly basis, the Company held counseling programs with the participation of experts and doctors to enhance health care knowledge for employees. Health care newsletters are also prepared by experts and circulated in a timely manner to give alerts on seasonal disease outbreak and precautions while taking medicine to help employees maintain good health of themselves and their family.

Sports and physical fitness activities are encouraged and facilitated by the Board of Management via financing and organization of clubs like yoga, zumba, soccer and table tennis tournaments among the company and with other companies, etc. The activities are well organized and help employees stay well, refresh and feel a stronger sense of bonding the the team.

SSI regularly practices scheduled fire drills at its branches/ transaction offices to heighten awareness of safety in case of fire. While improving and upgrading its facilities, SSI devoted much attention to installing, testing and carrying out routine maintenance of the fire protection and control system to ensure the safety of its employees.  For workspace inside office buildings, the Company strictly conforms to general regulations on fire prevention and control established by the properties’ management.

Encourage communication between the Management and Staffs
SSI believes a seamless communication mechanism will further strengthen the connection between the Management and Staffs. Business strategies, plans and objectives are openly shared within SSI through messages from the Chairman of the BOD and the CEO to help employees understand and act towards such common goals. Individual or organizational achievements are honored internally to spread the pride among all SSI members, thereby encouraging further efforts.

In 2017, 5-year development strategy meeting was held in the form of presentation and reviewing the plan, helping each department improve their proactiveness and also understand other departments and company’s development path. It is followed by the internal meeting of each Unit/ Department in order to share information seamlessly, inspire and motivate all employees.

With regards to achievements made by departments as well as individuals, internal greeting message is given out to contribute to increase employees’ pride, encouraging further efforts from the whole company to achieve even higher results.  

SSI also attaches importance to regular communication between the Management and Staffs so that the whole company is heading together toward the same direction. Performance assessment results are also discussed openly between employees and their line managers in order to reach mutual understanding and a better picture objectives and level of achievement.