Sustainable development activities in 2016




SSI always upholds good corporate governance as one of the most important factors ensuring corporate sustainable development, thus winning investor confidence and maximizing investor interest. This, in its turn, contributes to the development of the entire market and the wider community. SSI’s governance function is built and gradually fine-tuned based on the best practices of corporate governance in the region and the world such as the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard, together with strict compliance with Vietnam’s regulatory provisions on the governance of public companies. Under this framework, Compliance Control, Risk Management and Shareholder Interest protection activities are the key focus areas.


Compliance Control Activities   

Compliance control at SSI is performed via the Board of Supervisory (BOS)’s supervision over the Board of Directors (BOD), the Board of Management (BOM) and the Management as well as the BOD’s supervision over the BOM. In daily activities, the Management relies on Internal Control function to carry out compliance control within the Company.

The Company’s Charter expressly separates shareholders’ ownership from corporate governance jurisdiction. It delegates powers to corporate governance units while putting in place obligations and checks to effectively control these functions.Besides, business processes and operational apparatus are designed to facilitate cross-checks for the purpose of strengthened internal checking and monitoring, less abuse of power, and early detection of potential breach.

The Internal Control is based at the Head Office and performs the control of the Company’s units to ensure staff and their respective departments’ compliance with relevant regulations of law as well as internal rules and processes. Daily control activities mainly comprise of inspection and monitoring of compliance with the law, the Company’s Charter, decisions by the Shareholders’ Meeting, decisions by the BOD, Internal Business Rules and Processes, and Risk Management Process by relevant units and by securities practitioners within the Company; monitoring the execution of internal regulations, activities with potential conflicts of interest within Company, especially with regards to the Company’s business activities and individual transactions by the Company’s staff; monitoring staff’s execution of responsibilities within the Company and partner’s’ execution of responsibilities with regards to authorized activities. In 2016, 40 audits were conducted at all the units in the entire SSI system. Audit reports were sent to heads of the audited units for feedback. After that, the final reports were submitted to the BOM and Heads of relevant divisions as well as heads of the audited units. In addition, tight control was also in place for overseeing transactions of the Company’ with related persons. When performing transactions with related persons, the Company would enter into written contracts on an equal and voluntary footing. The Company adopted necessary measures to prevent related persons from interfering in the Company’s activities, harming the Company’s interests, performing transactions that led to the Company incurring losses of capital, properties or other resources, controlling the Company’s merchandise trading channels or manipulating prices. Data of transactions with related persons is disclosed in the Company’ Financial statements.

The Legal Department performs legal advisory function, inspects and monitors the launch of products, and issuance of internal processes and rules as well as the Company’s transactions with third parties in order to ensure compliance with law and mitigate legal risks for the Company. The Legal Department is also responsible for updating newly issued regulatory documents for the BOD, the Management and relevant units. It also studies the impacts of draft regulatory documents on the Company’s activities for proper preparation.


Risk Management System

SSI builds a complete Risk Management System (RMS) which comprises of risk management (RM) personnel, processes and supporting tools. The RMS aims to reduce a number of instable changes in the Company’s cash flows and profits resulting from the instability of interest rates, exchange rates, commodity, stock prices or other instable factors in the Company’s business. Anticipating potential risks facing the Company as a result of strong growth of staff size, number of branches, client base, and capital size and to prepare for continued growth in the years to come, the BOD introduced a plan to enhance RM efficiency by forming a RM capabilities enhancement project in August 2015. The project, completed in 2016, resulted in a better specialized RM function, more detailed RM activities which were categorized by type of risk, and additional RM personnel who were both qualified in terms of knowledge and practical experience. Moreover, to pave the way for the introduction of derivative products in 2017, SSI prepared full resources together with a system of RM policies and processes dedicated for these products in 2016.

The Company employs a 3-defense-line model in RM activities as follows:


RM principles define the responsibilities of different stakeholders in the Company’s RMS from the BOD, the BOD’s RM Committee, the BOM, the Management, the RM unit and other individuals and units in the organization structure. The RMS specifies ways to handle critical risks that may significantly affect the Company’s business including operational risks, market risks, credit risks, liquidity risks, compliance risks, third party transaction risks, human resources management risks, IT risks and brand risks. Details of these types of risk and how to handle/treat them constitute part of the Risk Management section of this Annual Report.

RM policies are available in written documents which all the staff and units within the Company can access, study and properly understand their responsibilities in the Company’s RM activities. Thanks to its conservative RM policy, in 2016, the Company incurred no material risk-induced damages.


Shareholders' interest protection

At SSI, top priority has always been given to the protection of shareholders' interests and equality. 


Shareholders’ basic rights such as the right to receive dividends, to attend and vote at Shareholders’ Meetings, to be engaged in decisions relating to the Company’s fundamental changes, etc. are expressly provided for in the Company’s Charter and have been properly exercised over the years. Equality is ensured for all shareholders without any preferential treatments, decisions by the Shareholders’ Meeting are all based on results of voting which takes place proportionally to the number of shares owned. 


SSI has over the years strived to diversify its information channels to include corporate website, email, mass media, shareholders’ meetings, annual reports, etc. This serves to facilitate shareholders’ complete, accurate and timely access to important information and to insulate them from adverse impacts on their investment decisions. Moreover, the disclosure of information both in English and Vietnamese was remarkably improved in 2016. This ensures equal access to corporate information between local and foreign shareholders/investors. 


SSI maintains a policy of stable dividend payment which aims to balance Shareholders’ desire to gain profit and the Company’s retained earnings for long-term development. In 2015, the Company paid dividends in cash at a dividend rate of 10%.




SSI understands that its long-term sustainable development strategy can only materialize if the Company is based on a solid financial foundation as well as stable economic growth, thereby increasing its contributions to the community and society by contributing to the State budget, matching funds with investment opportunities, managing Investors’ assets safely and transparently, and actively participating in the building of the stock market in particular and the financial market as a whole.


Effective business contributes to State Budget

Over its 17 years of existence, SSI has always striven to achieve positive business results, reaching the business plan adopted by the GSM. Over the most recent 5 years, SSI’s revenues and profits have been maintained at high level with the stock market price being valued stably at twice the par value. Specifically, the consolidated revenues in 2016, which reached VND 2,312 billion, exceeded the target by 60% and represented a year-on-year increase of 28%, while profit before tax hit VND 1,056.8 billion 11.24% higher than the profit target. Besides, all the business lines performed decently.



In 2016, SSI’s consolidated assets totaled approximately VND 13,228 billion, up 9% against the previous year, and equity stood at VND 7,152.6 billion.



The Company has consistently fulfilled tax obligations with contributions to the State budget evolving incrementally over the years. In 2005, SSI’s contributions to the State budget were VND 347 million. In 2006, the number surged to VND 3.8 billion. In 2007 and 2008 – despite tax incentives resulting from its listing on the local stock market - the Company’s tax payments rocketed to VND 103 billion and 140 billion, respectively. From 2009 to date, regardless of the global economic turmoil that seriously affected the local economy and, in particular, the stock market, SSI has maintained proper management of its own as well as Investors’ funds, ensured safety and high profitability, and made steady contributions to the State budget. In 2016, SSI paid VND 390.8 billion in taxes, a year-on-year rise of approx.  45%. 



Success in connecting capital to opportunities

SSI’s activities focus on helping enterprises mobilize capital through the stock market, contributing to the formation of a distribution channel of capital and long-term capital market mechanism for the economy; contributing to the activation and mobilization of resources, boosting economic growth; and contributing to accelerating the economy toward greater transparency, publicity, fairness and flexibility.


In 2016, SSI continued to be the market leader in investment banking thanks to successful advisory deals involving multiple million-dollar transactions. One of the blockbusters worth mentioning is SSI’s successful advisory on the offer of 78.38 shares of Viet Nam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (VNM – HOSE). This represents the biggest deals in 2016 in terms of value in Southeast Asia. In addition, SSI also provided advisory services to a number of major local listed companies. Examples of such projects include the divestment by shareholders of DHG Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company (DHG – HOSE), fund-raising through private placement using book building method by for No Va Land Investment Group Corporation (NVL - HOSE), the offer of The PAN Group (PAN – HOSE)’s entire shareholding in 2 cleaning service subsidiaries, and a bid to assume major shareholder’s controlling stake by Domesco Medical Import-Export Joint-stock Corporation (DMC – HOSE). SSI also acted as bond issuing agent for many issuers including National Citizen Bank, HD Saison Finance Co., Ltd, VPBank Finance Company Limited, Kido Corporation (KDC – HOSE), Transimex Corporation (TMS – HOSE), and so on.


Safe and transparent management of investors’ assets

Despite tough competition in the industry, SSI has consistently adhered to the principles of respect for clients and respect for the law so as to make profits while protecting investors from losses and building stock market transparency. Over the years, SSI has efficiently managed assets of both local and foreign investors, thereby helping to anchor investor confidence in the local stock market and to build a stable local economy. As of late this year, SSI is providing safe and secure custody for over 100,000 customer accounts.


With regards to asset management, SSIAM has been striving to mobilize resources from new customers while maintaining efficient management of existing ones’ assets. As at the end of 2016, the total assets under SSIAM’s management were VND 7,913, up 27,4% against 2015. Especially, SSIAM is the first Vietnamese company to successfully raise funds abroad. This is to pave the way for new and efficient approaches in raising funds for the economy.


We invariably strive to improve the quality of managing assets entrusted by customers. Our investment, risk management and internal control processes are operated properly and professionally, which not only guarantees compliance with law but also minimizes conflicts and adverse impacts on investor’s benefits. With sustainable development being our motto, we work toward building trust, transparency and long-term asset value growth for investors.


Proactive and positive participation in the market construction

SSI does not confine itself to strictly and fully complying with securities-related regulations and other statutory requirements. The Company has also proactively contributed its recommendations to draft regulations on stock market, which helped enhance the practical aspects and quality of the regulator’s documents, and participated in the development of new products on the market.


In 2016, SSI continued to contribute recommendations to drafts of decrees and circulars which were designed to provide clearer regulations and instructions as to activities on the stock market. These documents included draft of the Government’s Decree 86/2016/ND-CP of Jul.1, 2016 prescribing eligibility conditions for securities investment and trading; draft of a decree replacing the Government’s Decree 90/2011/ND-CP of Oct. 14, 2011 on the issuance of corporate bonds; draft of the Ministry of Finance (MOF)’s Circular 272/2016/TT-BTC of Nov. 14, 2016 governing the amount, receipt, payment, management and utilization of fees and charges in the securities sector; draft of a circular replacing the MOF’s Circular 210/2014/TT-BTC of Dec.30, 2014 providing instructions on accounting applicable at securities companies; draft of a circular replacing the MOF’s Circular 226/2010/TT-BTC of Dec.31, 2010 providing for financial safety indicators and sanctions against securities trading institutions failing to attain such indicators; draft of the State Bank of Vietnam’s Circular 10/2016/TT-NHNN of June 29, 2016 guiding the implementation of the Government’s Decree 135/2015/ND-CP of Dec. 31, 2015 on indirect overseas investment; draft of the State Securities Commission (SSC)’s Rrgulations on reporting on foreign investors’ activities; draft of Decree on internal auditing; draft of the SSC’s regulations on margin trading and Regulations on Information disclosure at HOSE; draft of a decree on corporate governance applicable to public companies and draft of a circular guiding the implementation of this Decree.


In preparation for the introduction of a derivatives market in Vietnam in 2017,  in addition to its involvement in HOSE’s development of covered warrant product, SSI has actively contributed comments to regulators for the purpose of designing legal framework, process and regulations. For instance, comments and recommendations have been made to the draft of the MOF’s Circular 107/2016/TT-BTC of June 29, 2016 guiding the offer and trading of cover warrants, drafts of Regulations on listing, Regulations on supplementary trading, Regulations on market-making activities, Regulations on information disclosure and management of risk prevention activities with respect to covered warrants. 


SSI also named its representative to attend and contribute opinions at periodic meetings of the Vietnam Securities Market Index Council, the Vietnam Bond Market Association (VBMA), and the Vietnam Association of Securities Business (VASB).


In addition, as part of its activities with the State Securities Commission and two Exchanges (HOSE, HNX) celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Vietnam stock market, SSI sponsored the workshop on "Developing capital market for startups”, and together with the NDH newspaper held the talk show "20 years of  stock market and the transfer of foreign capital flows" - the event that was chaired by Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung (SSI Chairman cum CEO). He exchanged with representatives of management agencies and enterprises about the process of building the stock market in the past 20 years, the story attracts foreign capital flows & prospects in the future.



Customers’ trust and confidence has been a solid foundation for SSI’s sustainable development. Driven by this perception, SSI has consistently pursued customer satisfaction by professionally and devotedly designing products which are tailored to each customer segment. In parallel, the Company has made relentless efforts to innovate, improve and enhance product/service quality and apply flexible and dynamic customer care policy.


Development of new products and constant innovation and improvement of existing ones

One of the most awaited events on the local financial market in 2017 is the introduction of a derivatives market, which will operate in tandem with the capital market. As the market leader and a pioneer in engineering new products, SSI has dedicated a lot of efforts and resources to the building of systems, development of products and has collaborated with regulators in introducing derivative products to customers and investors. 

SSI’s derivatives market project team, formed in late 2015, has been equipping themselves with relevant expertise both by self-study and training courses and study visits to the stock exchanges of selected regionals in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. These are well established derivatives markets where investor categorization is similar to that in Vietnam (i.e. the bulk of investors are individuals). Besides, in 2016, the Company spent considerable time and efforts seeking the qualified vendor for a derivatives infrastructure system and commenced the building thereof. The selected bidder, which has over 15 years of experience in the supply of derivatives systems, is also the leading supplier of trading systems in Hong Kong. It is capable of delivering a twofold objective: to operate the derivatives system in accordance with Vietnam’s regulatory framework and to spare room for SSI’s long-term vision in anticipation of the introduction of advanced derivative products. To date, SSI’s trading and margin management systems are almost totally compatible when connected to the HNX’s trading system and VSD’s clearing and settlement system. By actively equipping the staff with professional expertise, selecting an experienced system solution vendor and working closely with regulatory agencies in launching the market, SSI is now ready to offer investors derivative products in 2017.


In 2016, the Web Trading facility continued to be improved with many additional functionalities including online stock transfer, which was designed for easier trading and portfolio management, and online order confirmation, which allows customers’ review and management of orders made on their account without having to physically sign written orders. In addition, the Direct Market Access (DMA) service, an ordering tool for institutional customers – was also successfully launched.


The investment advisory and recommendation product for retail customers constantly stayed abreast of market developments and combined basic with technical analysis to make tailored recommendations for different customer segments. In 2016, SSI launched 2 break-through products which were the monthly “Vietnam Chartbook” and the semi-annual strategy report “Stories of 2016”. Besides, reports in Japanese were also developed as a separate system with 3 types of report which aim to provide information and investment recommendations to Japanese customers. Investment advisory and recommendation products have traditionally been SSI’s strengths for several years and have won trust from local and foreign customers. SSI is providing reports with insights into 29 industries and over 70 listed companies which make up for up to 90% of the total market capitalization.


Flexible and dynamic customer care policy

With regards to the organization of its customer care personnel, SSI maintains a policy of constant separation of customer care teams in charge of existing customers versus prospective, institutional customers versus retail ones, local customers and foreign ones. For the purpose of optimized service quality, foreign retail customers are classified by language while foreign institutional ones are classified by location.

SSI’s retail customers are whole-heartedly cared for by a team of energetic and professional brokers. The annual increase in the number of accounts is accompanied by the growth of brokers. By 2016, 353 full-time brokers were hired, up 30% against 2015. As the team grew, its quality was also strictly controlled so that information, knowledge and experience of communicating with and advising customers is properly updated and shared along with the growth and increasing maturity of the market.

With regards to SSI’s institutional customers: customer service is enabled by three key factors: technology, people and responsive products and services. Intensive investments have been made in technology, especially the ordering system for institutional customers, in order to ensure stability during large-scale transactions and compliance with international standards on trading systems exclusively used for institutional customers.

For public funds (open-ended funds, ETFs) managed by SSIAM, customers are updated on NAV as well as with the relevant fund’s performance report. For portfolio management services, the Company holds periodic meetings with customers to discuss investment performance and services supplied so as to make timely adjustments and better satisfy customers’ demands. SSI frequently hold mini workshops to help investors better understand asset allocation and long-term investment strategies.  These workshops provide customers with broader overview of the market as well as long-term orientations for enhanced investment profitability. 

 “Always listening” is the slogan to which each agent of SSI’s Call Center, which operates the two hotline numbers 1900545471 and 1900545418, adheres. The operation of these two call centers demonstrate SSI’s goodwill in offering the best of services to its customers. All transactions performed via the call centers are processed promptly, which helps save 80% of the time compared with conventionally processed ones.





SSI believes that Environmental, Social and Corporate governance (ESG) factors, in addition to fundamental analysis and stock valuation, constitute one of the principles of investment choice. We notice a business’s growth in the long run and stock value are closely linked to its environmental and social impacts as well as corporate governance quality.



SSI applies the ESG standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for its investments, aiming ultimately at sustainable development. Specifically, during our investment process, we spend a lot of time trying to understand a company’s top management and their vision, transparency and corporate governance aspects. Together with the assessment of environmental and social impacts of the company’s business activities, we also take into account other factors like working environment and determine whether it is one that works in the best interests of employees. ESG assessment represents a key factor in SSI’s decision-making process. There were cases where we had to reconsider investment decisions as it was impossible to work with the target company’s management on the ESG criteria.


After an investment decision has been made, SSI continues to work closely with the recipient company to pursue its responsibility of encouraging and advising on the improvement of the ESG factors. Members of SSI’s investment team serve in the Board of Directors (BOD) and Board of Supervisory of the investee company to assist them with corporate governance and to promote transparency in decision-making. SSI, in addition, also refers independent BOD members to the recipient company with a view to nurture transparency and reduce conflicts of interest therein.

Specifically, as an investor in agriculture, SSI plays an active role in creating a value chain where the origin of marketed products can be traced. By delivering products to the end-users, SSI minimizes farmers’ concern about market and pricing, thus creating a more sustainable product lifecycle. When working with a company that invested in crop species, by encouraging that company to work more closely with farmers in technology transfer and guaranteed purchase of products, SSI contributed to helping the farmers double their income.

In another case, SSI encouraged the investee company’s management to act with more transparency during its decision-making process. SSI advised the recipient company on the amendment of its charter in order to ward off the risk of a hostile takeover. Assistance was also provided to help the recipient company review its operating expenses and recruit senior executive personnel to run underperforming units, and so on.


Over the years, SSI’s investment strategy of companionship has helped recipient companies improve ESG factors to head for sustainable development. Besides, it has also enabled the Company to realize its goal of sustainable development in investment activities, which are responsible for major contributions to the total income. Specifically, in 2016, revenues from principal investment made up 40.4% of the consolidated earnings. As of late 2016, SSI had 3 associated companies, all of which are leaders in their respective industries and have high revenues, stable profitability, high dividend rate and competitive products. All these 3 affiliated companies are involved in the Agriculture - Food Transport and Warehousing value chains.





SSI believes motivating staffs can help to enhance customer satisfaction, thereby increasing added values for shareholders and partners. SSI has applied various approaches to ensure every member can stay happy at work and maintain a work life balance. By valuing this balance, SSI has, in effect, made families and friends of SSI staffs proudly become a part of SSI. This has improved connection between each staff and the team, creating a strong bond for SSI’s sustainable development.

Corporate culture is especially highlighted by SSI in our development on the basis of established core values. Such culture is indicative of SSI’s features, philosophies and also incorporated in the company’s strategies to date. It has shaped the spirit of SSI and each employee, which has continuously been nurtured, engaging all staff in the common development. With the SSI spirit being constantly nurtured, each member will increasingly strengthen their bond with the Company for the sake of a common development.


Personnel structure

As at 31/12/2016, the total number of SSI staffs is 720, of whom those holding undergraduate and postgraduate degrees account for a dominant majority (96%). SSI possesses a young and well-trained labor force who continuously improve themselves through practical experience. SSI staffs always update knowledge to stay current with industrial trends and create added values for customers.


Recruitment approach:

In SSI, we aim to become a “cradle for talent development.” SSI offers equal opportunities to all applicants, from new graduates to experienced professionals in the financial market. SSI is willing to provide training and opportunities to encourage employees to take up challenge and fulfill their potentials. In 2016, SSI recruited 206 new members to strengthen human resource and replace retiring and resigning staff with a reasonable diversity of age and gender.


Our approach is simply to offer a working environment where every individual can fulfill their potential. To maintain our status as Vietnam’s leading financial institution with enormous potential to expand regionally in Asia, SSI focuses on attracting outstanding individuals with international qualifications and skills to develop with.

SSI has also developed recruitment criteria to ensure transparency, fairness and equal opportunity for all applicants and fortify confidence and pride of becoming a part of SSI. At SSI, we:

  • Fully respect rights of applicants (in terms of access to information, job description, communication and negotiation)
  • Select applicants who fully meet recruitment criteria
  • All recruitment decisions are based on thorough, unbiased and transparent assessment of the applicants’ competence, attitude and motivation.

Develop human resources’ professional competence and skills

Human resources are the competitive advantage of SSI. To retain the status of Vietnam’s leading financial institution and aim at growing internationally, SSI focuses on developing high quality human resources to satisfy increasingly demanding markets.

SSI offers training to newly hired employees since SSI understands that starting the journey with the Company requires thorough orientation and guidance to prepare new members with needed competence and understanding of the Company. These training programs are customized to target different groups, not only to equip employees with required competence and skills but also inspire and motivate them for better performance. SSI also support employees to obtain professional licenses required by the State Securities Commission (SSC) like CFA, ACCA.



We believe every employee needs to fully understand the company’s code of conduct and regulations, which is critical to the sustainable development of SSI in particular and the stock market in general. Therefore, training programs and workshops on code of conduct and updated legal framework are organized regularly and actively joined by all employees.


In 2016, external and internal training was provided to enhance professional competence and skills for SSI’s stock brokers. More training programs on soft skills targeting at different groups, such as courses on Leadership, Presentation or Selling skills also helped to inspire, motivate and empower SSI’s employees at work. In addition, these training programs are opportunities for team building and practical experience for sake of better understanding among employees.


Besides conventional training methods, SSI also employs internal training models such as Gala 2016, year-end parties of departments, business luncheon and some other internal activities to facilitate information update, promoting corporate culture and bridge the management with the staff and among staff in the pursuit of common goals namely a more prosperous company, better working environment and personal and organizational development.


All these factors, ranging from professional competence, soft skills, code of conduct to corporate culture altogether shall be incorporated in staff’s thinking and behavior. This also constitutes SSI’s human resource brand, which is dynamic, competent, aspiring and compliant with standards. SSI values continuous human resource development and upholds our human resource brand towards greater professionalism.


Remuneration is linked to work performance assessment system; Comprehensive welfare policies

These are important policies to create employee loyalty and coherence. With fair and competitive remuneration policies, SSI Management commits to ensure reasonable payment of salaries and bonuses in the best interest of staff and shareholders.

SSI focuses on developing the 3P remuneration model (Position, Person, Performance).  This model fixes shortcomings of conventional payment methods such as overemphasizing qualifications and seniority and failing to separating work performance and contribution to corporate goals. With this new model, SSI can:

  • Align financial rewards with employees’ contribution and remain competitive in the market.
  • Attract and retain talents with fair remuneration policies
  • Encourage staff to perform more effectively by acknowledging their contribution properly and fairly



Work performance assessment is supported by the Performance Management System (PMS), ensuring transparency, convenience and information privacy. Based on assessment results, the company acknowledges individuals’ values and contribution with proper and flexible remuneration policies. Promotion and personal development opportunities are also based on observation and recognition of employees’ work performance and progress. This helps them better visualize their career path with SSI.



In 2016, SSI has spent approximately VND 260 billion on salaries, insurance premiums, other benefits, performance-based bonuses following year-end performance review; of which performance bonuses accounted for a relatively large proportion.



Aiming towards an ideal working environment

SSI defines an ideal working environment as a workplace which facilitates innovation and endeavor while ensuring a work life balance. This is highly emphasized for high rank managers. SSI employees are encouraged to work efficiently, relax reasonably and  participate in sports and social activities. These activities are intended to help employees obtain work-life balance and foster bond among the team. SSI has common interest clubs such as photography, yoga, football and performance which are eagerly joined by employees. For 3 consecutive years, SSI organized a Family Day for all families of our staffs to come together and network. This has become a popular event appreciated and looked forward to by SSI employees as well as their families. Such events have enhanced family bonds as well as the connection between staff’s families and the Company.


“Charity begins at home” – the spirit of mutual assistance and sharing that characterizes SSI is best demonstrated with both material and spiritual contributions in the event of any member’s critical illness. These contributions both relieve the financial burdens for those in need and provide additional energy for their fight against the misfortune. Even when we face the grief of losing a colleague, the entire SSI team maintains our support to the decease's family to help them overcome the difficult time.

Through charity work dedicated to poor children and farmers in mountainous and disadvantaged areas, SSI continues to develop a connected team who is willing to share and contribute to the development of society. Social responsibility of each individual and of the entire organization is always upheld and encouraged by the Management.

In addition, SSI applies a humanitarian policy of flexible working time to support female employees with small children so that they can devote to the company.


Attention to employees’ health care

The Company pays keen attention to the staff’s health. Every year, the Company provides employees with additional health insurance packages with premium services. In addition, SSI supports employees to buy flexible health insurance packages for their families so they can have a sense of security and concentrate on work. SSI also organizes thematic workshops, to which leading medical professionals are invited, to raise employees’ awareness on health protection and disease prevention. For example, SSI has held workshops on cancer, emergency first-aid, liver diseases and how to avoid, ways to choose healthy foods and diets for family, etc. Moreover, guest speakers are also willing to answer employees’ questions or offer additional advisory on health related issues. Proactive and focused provision of health information helps employees protect their own and families’ health.

Regular medical checkups are conducted by reliable and renowned health-care facilities to monitor employees’ health and detect any problems for early intervention. Health-related information is tracked over years and used as input to design relevant additional health insurance schemes for employees.

Besides, employees are encouraged to participate in sports and exercise activities such as Yoga classes, Rumba club, annual football tournaments, and regional friendship football matches.


Encourage communication between the Management and Staffs

SSI believes a seamless communication mechanism will further strengthen the connection between the Management and Staffs. Business strategies, plans and objectives are openly shared within SSI through messages from the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO to help employees understand and act towards such common goals. Individual or organizational achievements are honored internally to spread the pride among all SSI members, thereby encouraging further efforts.

SSI also attaches importance to regular communication between the Management and Staffs so that the whole company is heading together toward the same direction. Performance assessment results are also discussed openly between employees and their line managers in order to reach mutual understanding and a better picture objectives and level of achievement.



With the mission “We volunteer to implement CSR and join common efforts for community development”, SSI’s development over the past 17 years has been characterized by a harmony of interests among Shareholders, Customers, Society and the Community. SSI has proactively developed intellectual and physical education programs for young generations and joined the community in building a better society.





With the mission “We strive to better the communities in which we work”, SSI has been maintaining a harmony in the interests of shareholders, customers, and the community. SSI has proactively developed intellectual and physical education programs for young generations and joined the community in building a better society.


Investments in education


School building projects

Since 2007, SSI has built 10 schools in the Northern region to assist with the development education therein. The school are all located in key areas to which students have better access.

On a yearly basis, SSI visits the schools and provides timely funds for expansion so that continued schooling can be provided for the country’s future generations.

In the case of Bac Ha Lower and Upper Secondary High Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities alone, after launching in 2010, the number of students at the school has increased and stabilized, thus making continued contributions to education development.



NDH Scholarship Fund

Human resource quality is the key success factor of any nation. Well perceiving this orientation, SSI has consistently been supporting many projects for young generations across Vietnam. SSI has provided substantial support, not only to disadvantaged children in remote and hardship areas but also to young people seeking professional development in the financial market.

SSI defines a developed society as a society based on knowledge and kindness. The company and the NDH Scholarship Foundation continued to award scholarships to needy students with excellent academic performance picked within academic year 2015. 30 selected students from Foreign Trade University, Banking Academy, University of Science, Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi Law University and Academy of Finance continued to be granted scholarships to pursue their career orientations. They will contribute to the development of society with their knowledge and will, in their turn, support other needy people like themselves, thanks to which kindness will be spread to later generations.


Talent development and engagement

In 2016, SSI supported many programs hosted by students studying in the US to help them develop into outstanding human resources for Vietnam in the future. In addition to the funding of community engagement exchanges and activities held by Vietnamese students in the US, SSI also provided funds and sent its senior managers to panel discussions on career orientation in order to equip the youngsters with the right perception of career choices.

Keeping up with the trendy start-up movement, SSI undertook a role of judge at business ideas contest where it can contribute certain business experiences.


Education support for disadvantaged areas

  • SSI has joined a charity project called “Cặp lá yêu thương” (Two leaves of love) initiated by VTV24 and supported by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Vietnam Bank for Social Policy for 34 disadvantaged children in Cao Bang province. These children will be supported with tuition fees and living allowance until they reach the age of maturity and in their turn, contribute to the society.
  • A sponsorship program for the Education Fund of Thuy Dan Commune Elementary School.


Hunger eradication, poverty reduction and handling of challenges

SSI has long been contributing long-term and sustainable support to Vietnam’s implementation of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and poverty reduction strategy. SSI provided material and intangible support to people living in disadvantaged areas nationwide, contributing to hunger eradication, poverty reduction and sustainable development.


SSI had provided 100 breeds of cattle, 400 breeds of pig, 3,000 breeds of chicken to farmers of Vinh Thach commune, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province, helping them with a high value livelihood.


  • Specifically, from the initial 100 breeds of cattle worth VND 2.2 billion, the herd has now been well expanded with 74 breeds giving birth to another 93 calves (54 male calves, 39 female calves), 39 breeds are pregnant and 16 female calves have been provided to poor and near-poor households.

The value of the herd, which was initially VND 2.2 billion, is now estimated at: VND 4.233 billion; up by VND 2.033 billion.


  • Starting with 40 breeds of pigs, the herd size has now seen a manifold increase. The pigs, which were initially provided to 20 households, have now increased 5 times in terms of numbers and will be propagated to over 35 households.

The initial value of VND 61.6 million is now an estimated VND 450 million, which represents a 7-fold increase.


  • Besides, the initial chicken flock of 3,000 has been properly taken care of and has grown to reach a weight of 1.7 kilograms and more.  Chickens marketed now sell for an estimated minimum of VND 150,000 each.

The initial value of the flock, VND 105 million, has now risen to VND 924 million, an over-9-fold increase.


Besides support for livestock farming, SSI also helped to build a communal medical station to provide medical care to the community. Launched and handed over in 2015 with modern facilities, the station offered medical services to over 5,000 patients every year. of which: Elderly people: 358, disabled people: 55, students 496 An average 80 patients are treated every year and 230 others are transferred to upper-level hospitals. The station also properly carried out the Micronutrient Day, vaccination campaigns and medical examination & treatment for women commune-wide under project 52. Besides, advocacy activities for family planning, junior healthcare, newborn screening, prenatal screening, and so on were also implemented.

Thanks to such support, living conditions of Vinh Thach people have been significantly improved, contributing to the achievement of social welfare objectives put forward in the National Target Program on New Rural Development. 

SSI performs our community responsibility through charity activities for people living in remote, mountainous, border, island and socially-economically disadvantaged areas or areas exposed to natural disasters to lift them out of extreme hardship and, at the same time, implement major strategies of the government such as new rural development, border and island protection to preserve sovereignty and community development.