Overview of sustainable development report



The Sustainable Development Report (SDR) is created in order to collect, publish, review and assess sustainable development goals and activities of Saigon Securities Inc. (SSI) with a strategic direction toward sustainable development. The report content shows the Company’s approach to sustainable development.

After several years of preparing the SDRs and three consecutive years of reporting in accordance with the disclosure standards of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines - G4 version for the Financial sector by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), SSI saw 2017 the first year to produce the report in reference to standards of the latest version - GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards. This version outlines the highest international standards for an SDR, which were upgraded and restructured to help the reporting more convenient and efficient. This year, the SDR was prepared independently instead of being integrated into the Annual Report as usual. The Company seeks to demonstrate its clarity and transparency in the disclosure of contents related to sustainable development, increase values to shareholders, develop the trust of stakeholders, as well as enhance its prestige and brand identity.

Report contents
The 2017 Sustainability Development Report sets forth the strategic direction for the Company’s sustainable development initiatives in the coming years, at the same time reflecting the results of sustainability development activities in 2017. The report will help Shareholders, Investors have a more complete understanding of the Vision, Strategy as well as results of Sustainable development activities of the Company.

The report consists of the following main contents:
  Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors on sustainable development
  Company Overview
  Sustainable Development Direction
  Report Overview
  Detailed report on sustainable development activities for 2017

Reporting Scope & Limits
The Sustainable Development Report 2017 was prepared for the fiscal year ended on 31 December 2017. All data in the report is collected from SSI’s actual activities at the Head Office and Branches/ Transaction Offices nationwide, from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017. Financial data in the report is referenced from the audited 2017 Consolidated Financial Report.

The report is prepared by the Sustainable Reporting Team - Saigon Securities Inc., including members from several departments responsible for data provided in the Report such as the Investor Relation, Corporate Communication, Finance - Accounting, BOD Secretary.

Report content determination method
The report was compiled in reference to the GRI Global Sustainability Reporting Standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative.  

SSI’s approach to sustainable development issues arises from the Company’s long-term economic development goals, coupled with business environment and social development goals, thus contributing to the overall development of the community.

The Sustainable Development content is discussed by SSI with stakeholders in order to identify topics of interest. These issues will continue to be evaluated and reviewed by SSI in the overall context of sustainable development and in relation to the Company’s current business operation and sustainable development strategy, from which critical matters are to be reviewed, improved as well as highlighted in the 2017 Sustainable Development Report.

The report was prepared according to the following principles:



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