Contribution to the community




Investments in education

School building projects
Since 2007, SSI has built 10 schools in the Northern region to assist with the development education therein. The school are all located in key areas to which students have better access.

On a yearly basis, SSI visits the schools and provides timely funds for expansion so that continued schooling can be provided for the country’s future generations.

In the case of Bac Ha Lower and Upper Secondary High Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities alone, after launching in 2010, the number of students at the school has increased and stabilized, thus making continued contributions to education development.


NDH Scholarship Fund
Human resource quality is the key success factor of any nation. Well perceiving this orientation, SSI has consistently been supporting many projects for young generations across Vietnam. SSI has provided substantial support, not only to disadvantaged children in remote and hardship areas but also to young people seeking professional development in the financial market.

SSI defines a developed society as a society based on knowledge and kindness. The company and the NDH Scholarship Foundation continued to award scholarships to needy students with excellent academic performance. 30 selected students from Foreign Trade University, Banking Academy, University of Science, Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi Law University and Academy of Finance continued to be granted scholarships to pursue their career orientations. They will contribute to the development of society with their knowledge and will, in their turn, support other needy people like themselves, thanks to which kindness will be spread to later generations.

Talent development and engagement
In 2017, SSI supported many programs hosted by students studying in the US to help them develop into outstanding human resources for Vietnam in the future. In addition to the funding of community engagement exchanges and activities held by Vietnamese students in the US, SSI also provided funds and sent its senior managers to panel discussions on career orientation in order to equip the youngsters with the right perception of career choices.

Keeping up with the trendy start-up movement, SSI undertook a role of judge at business ideas contest where it can contribute certain business experiences.

Education support for disadvantaged areas
SSI paid special attention to fostering education in difficult areas in its wish to contribute to nurturing future generations for the country. In 2017, the Company collaborated with medical practitioners at Cardiovascular Department - Bach Mai Hospital and Cardiovascular Center - Hanoi Medical University Hospital to give gifts and school supplies as well as perform medical examination and deliver free medicine to 1,195 pupils at nursery, primary and secondary schools in Hong An and Xuan Truong villages, Bao Lac rural district, Cao Bang province. SSI also donated 3.3 tons of rice and 336 liters of fish sauce to boarding and day-boarding schools of these two communes to ease difficulties of teachers and students there.

Additionally, the company coordinated with the People’s Public Security Newspaper to present 100 bicycles to disadvantaged children in Thai Binh province, which helped to keep them motivated in their study.  


Hunger eradication, poverty reduction and handling of challenges
SSI has long been contributing long-term and sustainable support to Vietnam’s implementation of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and poverty reduction strategy. SSI provided material and intangible support to people living in disadvantaged areas nationwide, contributing to hunger eradication, poverty reduction and sustainable development.

In 2017, SSI helped the village of My Hanh Nam, Duc Hoa Rural District, Long An Province achieve one of the key objectives put forward in the National Target Program on New Rural Development by funding VND1 billion to concrete all pathways and roads within the area.

By the end of the year, 2,519 meters out of 4,567 meters of planned pathways were concreted, fulfilling 55.2%. The completion rates were 54.9% for Ap Moi 1, 54% for Ap Moi 2 and 60% for Ap Giong Lon. The newly concreted roads are expected to bring about the convenience of inter-communal transportation as well as easy access from/to the surrounding areas, thereby promoting economic and cultural development of the village.

In the past year, SSI also supported activities of the Fund for Children with Disabilities of Vietnam with an aim to improving the lives of disadvantaged children. It can be said that support to the development of younger generation is always a top priority in SSI’s community activities, and special attention has been paid to create better living and study conditions for disadvantaged children to  keep them motivated.

SSI also continued to follow up its sponsorship projects from the previous years.

SSI started a project to donate livestock and poultry to 50 poor and near poor households in Vinh Thach village, Vinh Linh rural district, Quang Tri province in 2013. After 4 years, the original quantity of 100 cows, 40 pigs, and 3,000 chickens, being reared with good care, saw a multifold increase and generated considerable income therefrom, contributing to the economic development of the village.

SSI performs our community responsibility through charity activities for people living in remote, mountainous, border, island and socially-economically disadvantaged areas or areas exposed to natural disasters to lift them out of extreme hardship and, at the same time, implement major strategies of the government such as new rural development, border and island protection to preserve sovereignty and community development.