Connecting different stakeholders for sustainable development goals


With the Vision “The Business of Success”, SSI has continued to build and develop sustainable relationships with stakeholders in the business, in the process of decision-making, as well as the Company’s long-term strategic planning. The involvement of stakeholders plays an important process to help the Company identify issues relevant to currently concerned and anticipated sustainable development, from which, key elements are identified for planning and implementation of activities necessary to meet such expectations.


Parties related to SSI include: Clients, Shareholders, Regulatory Authorities, Employees, Suppliers, Media Agencies, and the Community.


Mechanism for receiving feedback from stakeholders

SSI uses different communication methods suitable to each related party, encouraging them to share fully and honestly all matters that they are concerned with and expect. Below is the Company’s methods of communication with stakeholders and overview of some issues of interest:



Interaction with stakeholders

After several discussions with stakeholders, SSI has identified topics of interest as well as solutions and actions suitable with the building and developing of sustainable relationships that are based on trust and transparency in information exchange and on mutual interests.



Besides, prioritized stakeholders are identified based on the level of influence and their dependency on the Company as in the following evaluation model: