Chairman Message on Sustainable Development


Dear Shareholders,


Nowadays, adverse environmental impacts on economic development have raised concerns for many countries and threatened the sustainable growth of the global economy. The side effects of a developed economy are represented by global climate change, environmental degradation and exhaustion of natural resources. Against this background, sustainable development has been an issue of top concern for the nations in the world, which aim for a green economy to ensure long-term development for future generations.


Amid this global mainstream, Vietnam has also formulated a 2011-2020 sustainable development strategy under which a balance is to be struck among social, economic and environmental aspects. Within this framework, enterprises have an important and active role to play in order to realize national goals and contribute to the restructuring of the economy along the lines of sustainability. Special importance is attached to the incorporation of sustainability goals into enterprises’ business strategy, particularly amid in-depth international integration.


Having emerged as a leading financial institution in Vietnam, SSI, more than anyone else, understands the importance of incorporating sustainable development goals into its business strategy. Not only has SSI paid attention to revenue and profit growth, but it has also bundled such growth with environmental and social goals, ensuring a harmony of interests among stakeholders. The proper execution of sustainability activities helps the Company enhance its prestige and market competitiveness, attract local and foreign investors’ interest, bond the team and engage talents, thereby efficiently contributing to the market, community and society.


In 2016, SSI continued to proactively invest in sustainability development activities. The Company’s decent business performance over the past several years has contributed to the State budget by means of taxes and other payables. Apart from this, indirect contributions have been made to the overall development of the economy in general and the stock market in particular, namely:

  • Providing advisory services for enterprises’ fund-raising, contributing to the formation of a channel to direct and distribute capital to the economy under market mechanism, activating and mobilizing resources for boosting economic growth
  • Safe and transparent management of investors’ assets; facilitating their access to profitable investment opportunities
  • Contributing to the development of the local stock market via market making activities and involvement in new product development
  • Implementing a responsible investment strategy and companionship with associated companies.
  • Strengthening transparency and efficiency in corporate governance; protecting shareholders’ interests.
  • Creating jobs and providing stable income for employees


SSI’s sustainable development would not have been possible without the support of its customers. Therefore, SSI has made consistent efforts in all activities to secure customer satisfaction. The Company has at the same time intensified communication and exchanges with customers so as to better understand them and foster a strategy for long-term companionship and development.

Human resources always have a key role to play in sustainable development and SSI has over the past 17 years striven incessantly to build an organization where each member feels satisfied at work. This has been made possible by facilitating and promoting work-life balance, continuous training and personal development, and intensification of compliance to realize sustainable goals as opposed to short-term benefits.

In addition, under a commitment “We strive to better the communities in which we work”, throughout its course of growth, SSI has proactively developed intellectual and physical education programs for young generations and joined the community in building a better society.


At the start of the 18th year of its connecting journey, SSI will continue to execute its chosen mission and pledge to secure sustainable development steps for itself, Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Partners, and the Community. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Employees for your valuable support and companionship.


We wish You good health and success!


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



Nguyen Duy Hung