Message from the chairman of the board
on sustainable development



Dear Valued Shareholders,

At present, Sustainable Development has captured global attention. Economic growth has raised concerns among nations about scarcity of resources, depletion of energy, degradation of the natural environment, and breaking of ecological balance. In addition, the pace of economic development is not in tune with social progress and development, widening the wealth gap and causing many instabilities in the society. Thus, harmonious development regulating between economic growth and environmental protection as well as social justice is becoming an urgent requirement all over the world.

Following the global trend, Vietnam has also developed and issued the Strategy for Sustainable Development in the period of 2011 - 2020 with the aim for sustainable and effective growth to couple with social progress, resources protection, political and social stability, firm defense of independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the nation. In 2017, Vietnam's economic growth rate reached an impressive 6.81% - the highest increase in recent years. Along with the growth rate, the quality of growth has also improved: Labor productivity of the whole economy in 2017 increased approximately 6%; The pattern of growth is shifted in a positive direction, gradually decreasing dependence on resource extraction and pivot towards industrial, processing, manufacturing and service as the core activities. Other achievements in poverty reduction, social security and environmental protection are also noted in 2017. However, economic experts still view Vietnam to be facing many challenges for sustainable development, such as low GDP per capita, low labor productivity, below-expectation total factor productivity (TFP), increasing income inequality among classes, environmental issues and the impact of climate changes, etc.

Growing up with the development of the financial market in general and the securities market in particular, SSI understands the important and active role of businesses in realizing national goals on sustainable development. The integration of sustainable development goals into the Company's business strategies has been paid special attention and emphasis. Over the 18 years of development, not only has SSI paid attention to revenue and profit growth, but it has also bundled such growth with environmental and social goals, ensuring a harmony of interests among stakeholders. This principle helps the Company enhance its prestige and competitiveness in the market, attract local and foreign investors’ interests, bond the team and engage talents, thereby efficiently contributing to the market, community and society.

In 2017, SSI continued to proactively invest in sustainability development activities. The Company’s good business performance over the past several years has contributed to the State budget by means of taxes and other payables. Apart from this, indirect contributions have been made to the overall development of the economy in general and the stock market in particular, namely: Corporate advisory services mobilizes capital, contributing to the formation of a channel for long term capital flow and distribution for the economy, stimulating and mobilizing resources to promote economic development; Actively participates in market development; enhances the transparency and efficiency of corporate governance, maximizing shareholder benefits; Creates jobs and stable income for employees.

SSI has not been able to develop sustainably without the support from the Customers, therefore, the Company always strives in every activity to bring about customer satisfaction through professional and dedicated provision of products and services; Leads the supply of new products; Applies flexible and dynamic customer care mechanism; and coordinates with the press to increase awareness of market-related issues.

The strategy of investing responsibility, accompanying and sharing development with associated companies and investee companies has also been pursued by the Company for many years.

Human resources are considered as the most valuable asset of the Company. Over the 18 years, SSI has continuously striven to build an organization where each member feels settled and satisfied at work. This has been made possible by facilitating and promoting work-life balance, continuous training and personal development, and intensification of compliance to realize sustainable goals as opposed to short-term benefits.

In addition, under the commitment “We strive to better the communities in which we work”, throughout its course of growth, SSI has proactively developed and invested in education programs for young generations, as well as helping the community in poverty alleviation activities, overcoming difficulties to build a better society.

At the start of the 19th year of its connecting journey, SSI will continue to execute its chosen mission and pledge to secure sustainable development steps for itself, Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Partners, and the Community. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Employees for your valuable support and companionship

We wish You good health and success!

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



Nguyen Duy Hung