Action for clients


Clients’ trust is the foundation for SSI’s sustainable development. Thus, SSI always focuses on exploring ways to bring customers complete satisfaction by professionally designing products/services to meet individual needs of each client; Besides, the Company constantly seeks to innovate, improve and enhance the quality of its products/services; provide flexible and dynamic customer care service; coordinate with the media to raise awareness of market-related issues, and help build up trust of customers.

Safe and transparent management of Investors’ assets  
Despite fierce competition from other securities companies recently, SSI has always been consistent with its principles of treasuring customers and observing the laws, not only to make profits but also to protect Investors from losses and to build a more transparent stock market. In the past few years, SSI effectively managed assets for domestic and foreign Investors, contributing to maintaining the confidence of investors in the Vietnam’s stock market and building up a stable economy. By the end of 2017, SSI was managing over 127,000 accounts, accounting for 6.5% of total accounts in the market. All customer accounts were managed in a safe and secure manner.

As for asset management, SSIAM has been constantly striving to attract new clients as well as to effectively manage the assets of its current ones. By the end of 2017, total assets managed by SSIAM (for external clients) were VND6,112 billion, up 60.3% YoY. The Company always strives to improve its management on assets entrusted by customers. Procedures for investment, risk management and internal control have been well-run and professional, not only complying with legal requirements but also minimizing conflicts of interest that may have negative effects on benefits of Investors. With the motto of sustainable development, we always aim to build trust, transparency and long-term asset value growth for Investors.

Pioneer in development of new products  
On August 10, 2017, the Vietnam’s derivatives market officially went live after over 2 years of preparation with its first product, the VN30 Index Futures Contract. In the development strategy of Vietnam’s stock market during 2011-2020, the establishment of a derivatives market was considered a principal aim and a momentum to improve the efficiency of the underlying stock market, attract more capital, as well as increase the transaction values and liquidity for the market. As the No. 1 securities company in the market, SSI boasted its pioneering position as one of the first securities companies to be granted certificates by the SSC for trading derivatives and bridging derivatives transactions with the HNX, and was one of the two general clearing members of the market.

In order to provide the best services to customers, from July 2017, SSI offers derivatives trading try-outs on its system for customers to its transaction offices or branches nationwide before they make a decision to open an account. In addition, SSI will launch an on-line trading product named Web Trading for derivatives with many advantages such as: viewing prices and placing orders on the same screen, transferring money quickly between trading accounts of underlying securities and those of derivatives, depositing to/closing margin accounts between the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) and derivatives trading accounts; tracking balances and checking gains/losses on derivative positions in real time.

Derivatives are financial products with significant leverage effects, great benefits and also huge hidden risks. Without a solid technical infrastructure, the use of derivatives can lead to enormous risks to investors and perhaps a breakdown of the whole system. As a result, SSI has invested in a modern technological infrastructure and comprehensive solution software for trading and clearing named WinVest or “Win in Invest” which has been deployed on international financial markets for over 15 years and satisfied both global financial trading standards and specific needs of the Vietnam’s market. As compared to other derivatives trading systems in the Vietnam’s market, WinVest boasts its high performance, stability and flexibility in scalability. The system supports a large number of transactions per day, a variety of trading services with stable connection and high speed; carries out a wide range of commands; supports information exchange and clearing in real time with market members (HNX, VSD and payment banks); integrates risk management to increase efficiency and utilities to customers. As a result, by the end of 2017, SSI topped the derivatives market with a market share of 28.28% and over 6,000 accounts.

In 2017, the Company also launched new advisory products for individual customers such as Stock Ratings, Stock Quick View and offered recommendations based on fundamental and technical analysis to bring about short-term and long-term investment ideas to customers. SSI is also the first company to draw up derivatives reports on the market, providing a wide range of trading information and strategies for clients.

Regarding investment fund products, in August 2017, SSIAM officially converted the reference index of the ETF SSIAM HNX30 from HNX30 to VNX50, changed the fund’s name to ETF SSIAM VNX50 Fund and switched it to be listed on HOSE under the ticker of FUESSV50. Such changes brought investors a better investment opportunity as VNX50 was the first index consisting of the largest cap and most liquid stocks on both HOSE and HNX, well representing the Vietnam’s stock market and accounting for 70% of total market cap. With those changes, liquidity of the secondary market as well as the publicity of the fund has increased significantly.


Flexible and dynamic customer care policy
With regards to the organization of its customer care personnel, SSI maintains a policy of constant separation of customer care teams in charge of existing customers versus prospective, institutional customers versus retail ones, local customers and foreign ones. For the purpose of optimized service quality, foreign retail customers are classified by language while foreign institutional ones are classified by location.

SSI’s retail customers are whole-heartedly cared for by a team of energetic and professional brokers. The annual increase in the number of accounts is accompanied by the growth of brokers. By 2016, 353 full-time brokers were hired, up 30% against 2015. As the team grew, its quality was also strictly controlled so that information, knowledge and experience of communicating with and advising customers is properly updated and shared along with the growth and increasing maturity of the market.

With regards to SSI’s institutional customers: customer service is enabled by three key factors: technology, people and responsive products and services. Intensive investments have been made in technology, especially the ordering system for institutional customers, in order to ensure stability during large-scale transactions and compliance with international standards on trading systems exclusively used for institutional customers.

For public funds (open-ended funds, ETFs) managed by SSIAM, customers are updated on NAV as well as with the relevant fund’s performance report. For portfolio management services, the Company holds periodic meetings with customers to discuss investment performance and services supplied so as to make timely adjustments and better satisfy customers’ demands. SSI frequently hold mini workshops to help investors better understand asset allocation and long-term investment strategies.  These workshops provide customers with broader overview of the market as well as long-term orientations for enhanced investment profitability.  

“Always listening” is the slogan to which each agent of SSI’s Call Center, which operates the two hotline numbers 1900545471 and 1900545418, adheres. The operation of these two call centers demonstrate SSI’s goodwill in offering the best of services to its customers. All transactions performed via the call centers are processed promptly, which helps save 80% of the time compared with conventionally processed ones.

Active exchange of market information and investment opportunities via media & seminars  
An effective channel for sharing information and investment opportunities SSI organizes for its Customers is its non-profit seminars. In 2009, 2010 when the Vietnam’s economy was heavily affected by the global economic crisis and the stock market was on the downturn, SSI saw the first signs that investment flows would return to the market. At that time, domestic and foreign investors were cautious and “hesitated” to make large investments. However, via Gateway to Vietnam Conferences organized by SSI during 2009 -2010, businesses and investors found opportunities in the crisis, with some becoming leading firms in many areas today. After three years, SSI evaluated the positive results that Gateway to Vietnam 2009 – 2010 achieved and that was when SSI saw that investors, especially foreign ones, began to pay close attention to the domestic market. Therefore, Gateway to Vietnam was back in 2014, with the theme of “Looking for new investment opportunities in Vietnam”, bringing forth discussions on key investment trends, providing investors insights into a number of key investment sectors and creating opportunities to exchange information and understand potential businesses.

In 2017, reform efforts of the “enabling government” brought about positive impacts on the local economy. Instead of mobilizing and allocating resources, the Government aimed at  directing resources through its policies such that economic sectors could actively mobilize resources on their own. Amid marked changes and considerable momentum in the economy, SSI decided to hold the fourth Gateway to Vietnam conference with the theme “Capital Market – A New Driver for Vietnam’s Economic Growth“. The conference had the participation of 19 speakers from reputable institutions, namely the IFC, McKinsey & Company, MSCI, Ernst & Young, etc.; over 200 representatives from domestic and international investment funds, and 24 high-potential firms. It initiated valuable and in-depth discussions about Vietnam’s economic conditions, and simultaneously organized meetings between investors and local firms. The conference addressed crucial issues, which were of great interest in 2017, through panel discussions. Each topic of the conference was debated by policy makers, macroeconomists, investment advisers and businesses - participants that were important to the overall health of the economy.  The event provided an opportunity for international investors to gain better perspectives about the local economy through a genuine, transparent and multi-dimensional lens. In addition, the conference created an opportunity for investors to meet and interact directly with representatives of high-potential businesses, as well as to take part in company visits.  

The event was massively covered as it was reported by the mass media, including 11 television channels, radio stations and dozens of newspapers, magazines, and electronic newspapers. It was considered a major event in the financial market, which exerted a great influence on the public, and was a reliable channel to connect potential investors and businesses, thereby affirming SSI’s mission of “channeling capital into investment opportunities”.  

In 2017, SSI also played well its role as the market leader as it was constantly covered in the media spreading information about a new type of products - the derivatives. SSI was also the only securities company in the market that collaborated with the HNX to hold two try-out sessions of derivatives trading to be watched by reporters. Training programs for investors in both regions were also an important focus of SSI. In July 2017 only, the Company held 27 Seminars at its Branches and Transaction Offices all over the country and 2 large-scale Workshops in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, which attracted thousands of investors and customers. This was an important communication channel that helped investors better communicate and seek advices from professional brokers of SSI.