Health care and safety for employees


In addition to full delivery of health insurance policies in accordance with the Labor Code, the Company has consistently improved its additional accident and health insurance programs to help employees maintain focus at work and share their financial burden should they face health risks. SSI’s selected partners are always reputable and professional insurance agencies to implement its additional insurance programs for its employees and their relatives.


Periodic health examination program is taken seriously, with a careful selection of prestigious and quality health care facilities in order to monitor the health of the staffs and ensure timely detection of health problems for early treatment plans. Health-related information is stored through years and used as input for additional health insurance schemes for employees.


The Company continued to pay keen attention to the staff’s health. In addition to raising awareness of health care and disease updates for employees, internal activities also aim to build a healthy lifestyle to protect and enhance the health of employees and their families. On a quarterly basis, the Company held counseling programs with the participation of experts and doctors to enhance health care knowledge for employees. Health care newsletters are also prepared by experts and circulated in a timely manner to give alerts on seasonal disease outbreak and precautions while taking medicine to help employees maintain good health of themselves and family.


Sports and physical fitness activities are encouraged and facilitated by the Board of Management via financing and organization of clubs like yoga, zumba, soccer and table tennis tournaments among the company and with other companies, etc. The activities are well organized and help employees stay well, refresh and feel a stronger sense of bonding the team.



SSI organized fire prevention drills on a regular basis at its offices to raise safety awareness in case fire occurs. In the process of management and renovation of facilities, the Company directed much of its attention to the equipment status, testing and regular maintenance of fire protection systems to ensure safety for its employees. For its offices in high-rise buildings, the Company strictly followed the general regulations on fire prevention and response prescribed by the building management.


Investment for the future   


Human resource is the competitive advantage of SSI. Therefore, training and development activities are given special attention by the Board of Management with the aim to build a “talented, pioneering and motivated” pool of human resources who are able to adapt, lead changes in the market and drive interruptive initiatives in all activities; develop a strong team of personnel who are always willing to take challenges and fulfill business targets.


SSI has developed a series of position-specific training and development programs for employees at all levels to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge needed to perform their duties, as well as encourage them to continue to develop and embark on their career at SSI. Develop the culture of a “learning organization” where training activity is the right and responsibility of each individual in the company. In 2018, the Company allocated VND 3.5 billion budget for training through physical classes, distance learning, and on-the-job trainings. Training programs have been improved and updated from time to time to meet new requirements, in addition to organization of training for international certification to update and improve professional skills according to international standards for staff members in the Business Units, Governance Unit and Support Unit.


At the beginning of employment, all SSI employees shall attend Orientation Training, and during employment term, on the job training is provided to ensure fulfillment of job requirements. In line with its policies that encourage participation in professional trainings and requirements by the Securities Commission on compulsory training, the SSI team has constantly increased the proportion of employees who are awarded professional licenses and other certificates such as CFA, ACCA, FRM ... The company has organized and coordinated to organize many professional training courses and sent its employees to participate in compulsory training courses for total training duration of more than 36,000 hours (over 3,000 hours higher than 2017).


Internal training courses for business units throughout the system via in-house training sessions, seminars, and consultations receive positive feedback. The team of internal trainers is organized and trained in a systematic manner through the “Training of trainers” courses, regular events to update and share experiences, and the policies exclusively designed for internal trainers for highest efficiency. Internal trainers have gradually improved their training capacity and organized useful and practical training courses. Internal training programs were held continuously on weekends, which have been widely supported and have a positive impact on the employees.



Based on the level-specific training program, SSI continued to organize skills development training courses for each target group of employees. Specifically, the series of training on Leadership skills, Practical and inspirational presentation skills, Telephone sales skills - Telesales, Effective planning and cooperation skills, competitive sales skills, or Business professional working style have also helped inspire, motivate and provide more tools to improve work efficiency. These training courses provide fundamental knowledge and skills to provide employees with a positive and scientific perspective of their work in particular and life in general, and help them develop their communication and problem-solving skills. In addition, these training programs are great team building opportunities where employees can share their working experience and understand their colleagues better.


Professional training courses receive much interest not only from Treasury Department, but also from Administration and Support Department. Training courses on Corporate Governance, Project Management (PMP), Advanced Accounting; Corporate Finance Analysis, Marketing courses, Advanced Human Resource Management and professional development for IT organized by professional and reputable training partners have contributed to improve overall performance of the Company.



SSI believes that its employees should have a solid understanding of core values ​​and adhere to the ethical rules of the organization, so that SSI can continue to develop sustainably, to overcoming challenges as well as mitigating risks. Highly aware of the potential risks in securities trading activities that can occur in any department at SSI, in 2018, the internal trainings by Legal and Compliance Department in coordination with the Risk Management Department were organized in a logical way at the Company to build awareness and capacity of its employees in prevention of fraud risks; identification of operational risks and management of these risks. At these training sessions, Code of Ethics, Anti-money laundering regulations, and criminal charges in securities trading cases were also included for lively discussion to provide its employees with relevant updated information.


The investment in the training and development of its team has grown over the years and seen through impressive numbers.


Sustainable engagement


Along with the development of business activities, SSI places high importance on and manages to secure the best working environment for its employees. SSI defines an ideal working environment as a workplace which facilitates innovation and endeavor while ensuring a work-life balance. This is highly emphasized for high rank managers. SSI staffs are encouraged to work hard and play well, participate in sports and social activities to maintain a work-life balance, create joy at work and build a coherent team. SSI has common interest clubs such as photography, yoga, zumba, soccer and performance which are eagerly joined by employees. This is the 5th year in a row SSI organized a Family Day for all families of our staffs to come together and network. This is a popular event appreciated and looked forward to by SSI employees as well as their families. Such events help strengthen family affection of the staffs, and also the close link between the families and the Company. 



In its development journey over 18 years of ups and downs, SSI has constantly managed to create, affirm and maintain a transparent, modern and honest working environment, centered on the development of a human resource team as well as its Trust and Pride. Their trust and pride have strengthened the foundation for SSI’s sustainable development through each milestone, stage of development and step of advancement.