Corporate culture is the foundation - Human capital is the pillar


Transparency is part of the corporate culture at SSI and the guiding principle for doing business pursued by SSI. Transparency helps SSI gain customers’ trust and builds a solid foundation for SSI to quickly adapt to and actively capture opportunities in the context of market changes and fluctuations.


SSI strictly adheres to the regulations of the legal system and professional ethics to create a corridor that guilds and protects employees and the Company in all aspects in all activities.


While transparency is the culture, setting a foundation for development, the human capital is one pillar and resources for implementation, monitoring and pursuit of sustainable development goals. In the past 18 years, SSI has constantly made efforts to establish, maintain and streamline a comprehensive system of HR policies to promote personal success of each employee, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the Company.


Building personal prestige and brand in parallel with the sustainable development of the Company


Grounded by the idea that “corporate prestige and brand are the foundation for personal development” as well as the innovative HR strategies and policies recently introduced, SSI has actively made its brand name iconic in the market and financial community, built the trust and pride among new members of the organization, attracted the young generation who are keen on new experiences, and developed a shared space for passionate and ambitious talents who wish to assert their selves.


As of the end of December 31, 2018, the employee size of the Company has exceeded 1,000 persons (84% in Business Unit), in which new employee hires were 317, most of whom were under 30 years, dynamic, motivated and well-trained.




SSI’s modus operandi is to offer a working environment where every individual can fulfill their potential. To retain the status of Vietnam’s leading financial institution with enormous potential to expand regionally in Asia, SSI focuses on attracting outstanding individuals with international qualifications and skills to develop with.


SSI has also developed recruitment criteria to ensure transparency, fairness and equal opportunity for all applicants and fortify confidence and pride of becoming a part of SSI. At SSI, we:


  •  Fully respect rights of applicants (in terms of access to information, job description, communication and negotiation)
  •  Select applicants on the basis of recruitment criteria
  •  All recruitment decisions are based on thorough, unbiased and transparent assessment of the applicants’ competence, attitude and motivation.

Income generation for employees through a comprehensive system of pay and benefits


SSI adopts modern management practices wherein remuneration and benefits are provided based on the competence, achievements and performance. All of our employees are targets of annual performance assessment; for employees in the Business Unit only, the performance assessment is carried out in a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. 


The Company operates a system that indicates goals and work performance results of each individual at all positions in order to better recognize their achievements and contributions to the overall achievement to ensure transparency and equity while monitoring the performance and development roadmap of individuals associated with SSI’s and its department’s plans and strategies. Based on established annual goals, the management at corresponding level assigns specific activities and targets for each individual, including the Strategy and Plans assigned by the Management; individuals shall understand the objectives of their task and methods to measure work performance results to properly allocate time and resources to their work. By this, the Company’s Strategy is better understood, gradually realized and put into practice in the daily activities of each SSI Staff.


In 2018, SSI’s annual payment to its employees was over VND 480 billion, including salary, insurance contributions and other benefits, performance bonuses after year-end assessment (compared to VND 375 billion in 2017), in which the performance bonuses accounted for 49% of the total payment and was 1.35 times higher than the salary payment.





In the same year, SSI successfully issued 10 million shares, staying as the leading organization in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to align employees’ interests with the organization’s; attract, retain and motivate qualified and committed employees to contribute to the company in the long time.


Besides financial remuneration, the Company establishes and enhances the system of comprehensive non-financial benefits policies for employees such as welfare packages for annual public holidays, sponsor for participation in clubs such as yoga, zumba, soccer, etc. with the aim of motivating and facilitating its staff to be peace of mind at work, make efforts and engage further with the entire Company.