Compliance control at SSI is performed via the BOS’s supervision over the BOD, the Board of Management as well as the BOD’s supervision over the BOM. In daily activities, the Management relies on Internal Control Department to carry out compliance control within the Company.

The Company’s Charter expressly separates shareholders’ ownership from corporate governance jurisdiction. It delegates powers to corporate governance units while putting in place obligations and checks to effectively control these functions.  Besides, business processes and operational apparatus are designed to facilitate cross-checks for the purpose of strengthened internal checking and monitoring, less abuse of power, and early detection of potential breach.

The Internal Control Department is based at the Head Office and performs the control of the Company’s units to ensure staff and their respective departments’ compliance with relevant regulations of law as well as internal rules and processes. Daily control activities mainly comprise of inspection and monitoring of compliance with the law, the Company’s Charter, decisions by the General Shareholders’ Meeting, decisions by the BOD, Internal Business Processes, and Risk Management Process by relevant units and by securities practitioners within the Company; monitoring the execution of internal regulations, activities with potential conflicts of interest within Company, especially with regards to the Company’s business activities and individual transactions by the Company’s staff; monitoring staff’s execution of responsibilities within the Company and partner’s’ execution of responsibilities with regards to authorized activities. 

In 2018, SSI Internal Control conducted 42 inspections across various departments for compliance checking of internal procedures and regulations and relevant laws. Based on data and risk assessment and departments’ objectives, the Internal Audit Department will develop a control program for comprehensive and objective implementation and risk reduction. Control results are reported to the CEO, Head of Unit and Compliance Department of the Company for timely handling of violations, updating and correcting operational procedures to mitigate risks and increase work performance. 

In parallel with internal control activities, SSI Internal Audit also performed 37 internal audits in 2018 relating to accounting documents, taxes and financial statements. Internal audit activities promptly detected errors and proposed compliance measures to the CEO. Internal audit activities have increased the effectiveness of compliance risk management in the Company. Published financial statements, tax reports and net capital reports of the Company ensured honesty and objectiveness, in accordance with accounting standards and regulations.

The Legal Department performs legal advisory function, inspects and monitors the launch of products, and issuance of internal processes and rules as well as the Company’s transactions with third parties in order to ensure compliance with law and mitigate legal risks for the Company. The Legal Department is also responsible for updating newly issued regulatory documents for the BOD, the Board of Management and relevant units. It also studies the impacts of draft regulatory documents on the Company’s activities for proper preparation.

At SSI, top priority has always been given to the protection of shareholders' interests and equality.  


Shareholders’ basic rights such as the right to receive dividends, to attend and vote at Shareholders’ Meetings, to be engaged in decisions relating to the Company’s fundamental changes, etc. are expressly provided for in the Company’s Charter and have been properly exercised over the years. Equality is ensured for all shareholders without any preferential treatments, decisions by the Shareholders’ Meeting are all based on results of voting which takes place proportionally to the number of shares owned.  


SSI has over the years strived to diversify its information channels to include corporate website, email, mass media, shareholders’ meetings, annual reports, etc. This serves to facilitate shareholders’ complete, accurate and timely access to important information and to insulate them from adverse impacts on their investment decisions. Also in 2018, SSI launched its Electronic Portal at with a completely fresh and modern interface with clear and current information presentation. This is an extremely effective communication channel, helping investors to find all publicly available information, financial data, AGM documents, reports and other important documents like the company’s Charter, Management Regulation, etc. since the establishment of the Company to date, in both Vietnamese and English. 

SSI maintains a policy of stable dividend payment which aims to balance Shareholders’ desire to gain profit and the Company’s retained earnings for long-term development. In 2018, the Company paid dividends in cash at a dividend rate of 10%.