Contribution to the community




In addition, as guided by the commitment of “We strive to better the communities in which we work”, SSI has always developed intellectual and physical education programs for young generations and joined local communities in building a better society.


The company has spent more than VND 70 billion for over the last 18 years for community activities - with approximately 64% of funding for education development, based on our assumption that investing in the next generation is supporting the country’s sustainable development.



Every 3-year development phase of SSI is characterized by large projects, effective contribution to education development and livelihoods of local people in many provinces. Some outstanding programs that the Company has implemented can be summarized as below:



Investments in education


This is SSI’s top priority in its Activity for Community principle. SSI believes that cultivating learning is the best step for Vietnam to take to generate strong human capital of next generations for the future of the country.


Therefore, investment in education development is carried out by SSI through diverse and effective activities.



School building projects


Since 2007, SSI has built 10 schools in the Northern and North Central regions to assist with the development education therein. The schools are all located in key areas to which students can have better access to schooling facilities.


On a yearly basis, SSI visits the schools and provides timely funds for expansion so that continued schooling can be provided for the country’s future generations.



In the case of Bac Ha Lower and Upper Secondary Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities alone, after its launch in 2010, the number of students at the school has increased and stabilized, thus making continued contributions to education development.



The school gathers students from many ethnic minority groups in the district (Dao, Giay, Hmong, La Chi, Nung, Phu La, Tay, Thai). They demonstrate determination to study here until high school graduation; the number of students between age-appropriate class groups is evenly and many have passed the exam into universities, colleges, technical and vocational schools.


Students enrolled at universities, colleges, technical and vocational schools in the last 3 years:



NDH Scholarship Fund


SSI defines a developed society as a society based on knowledge and kindness. The company and the NDH Scholarship Foundation continued to award scholarships to needy students with excellent academic performance picked within academic year 2015. In 2018, 30 selected students of 6 major universities continued to receive scholarships for them to focus on their study and training, contribute to the development of society with their knowledge, and provide support to those living in similar difficult conditions in the future so that the idea of helping others will be spread widely to the next generations.



Attract talents


With much attention directed to the next generation of human resources of the country, SSI has been accompanying with the Association of Vietnamese Students and Professionals in the U.S. for many years to support, provide career counseling and join hands in bold business ideas of students with potential to be applied in practice. Specifically, SSI is a sponsor of VietChallenge Contest to support its mission of nurturing and developing disruptive and highly competitive startups, contributing to addressing the challenges of the Vietnam and global economy. From 2015 to 2018, SSI accompanied the “American Arms” Program - Annual Conference of the Association of Vietnamese Students and Professionals in the U.S. In addition to the funding of community engagement exchanges and activities, SSI also sent its senior managers to panel discussions on career orientation in order to equip the youngsters with the right perception of career choices.


Education support for disadvantaged areas


SSI has given a special attention to educational development activities in disadvantaged areas. Especially for schools in the northern mountainous provinces - where there remains challenges due to extreme terrain and climate, SSI directs its attention regularly to practical programs to partly assist students and teachers to overcome difficulties in learning, teaching and daily life.


The following educational sponsorship programs were implemented by SSI in 2018:



Prevention of natural disasters


Vietnam has complex and diverse terrain features running from North to South, from East to West, stretching along the continental shelf of the East Sea, so it is prone to natural disasters. Activities to prevent and address consequences of natural disasters are always priorities of the Party and Government in the development process of the country.


Understanding the importance of natural disaster prevention, SSI always takes the lead in provision of funding to natural disaster prevention activities in many provinces across the country. In 2018, SSI granted VND 1 billion to Yen Bai province to overcome the consequences of the storm No. 3 that occurred in July 2018. A prominent project initiated by SSI is the Support program to safe housing to prevent natural disasters and equipment financing for the Office of the Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention, Search and Rescue in 9 Central Coast provinces.



SSI-funded programs are practical support to these provinces, promptly supporting local people and government to mitigate impacts of natural disasters.


Hunger eradication, poverty reduction and handling of challenges


In 2017-2018, SSI completed 4 phases of financing with a total funding of VND 2 billion for the construction of reinforced concrete roads in rural areas in ​​My Hanh Nam Commune - Duc Hoa District - Long An Province, supporting the commune to fulfill one of the important criteria of the new rural development program. By the end of 2018, the commune completed the construction of all 4,567 meters of road as planned. Newly concreted roads are expected to ease travel and transport of My Hanh Nam residents to and from other communes as well as promote connectivity with surrounding areas, thereby promoting economic and cultural development of the commune.



Also in 2018, SSI supported poor households in 9 border districts of Cao Bang province in their family livelihoods through its donation of 3,300 sows.



By the end of 2018, nearly 100 breeding sows began to reproduce piglets and it is expected that, in 2019, the number of piglets produced from 3,300 sows will grow at an exponential rate, generating great economic value to local people in the border areas.


Besides, SSI annually cooperates with Binh An Development Center under the Friends for Street Children Association (FFSC) to provide gifts and organize a Mid-Autumn Festival for underprivileged children in Ho Chi Minh City sponsored by the Center. In 2018, through the Center, SSI awarded more than 500 gifts to children and nearly 300 portions of rice and fish sauce, contributing to a merry mid-autumn season.



Medical sponsorship


Donation programs that target patients and health facilities have been regularly implemented by SSI for many years. In 2018, SSI visited and encouraged 500 disadvantaged children undergoing inpatient treatment at the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, providing gifts and financial support to children for them to cover part of treatment expenses, and donating some medical equipment to the Hospital for it to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment.


SSI implements its corporate social responsibility by sharing food and clothing, but also targeting to contribute to implementation of some important directions and policies of the Party such as new rural development, border and island protection to preserve sovereignty; with special attention to education development for the young generation and further contribution to the social and community development.