Message from the chairman of the board on sustainable development



Dear Valued Shareholders!


There were ups and downs in the global stock markets in general and Vietnam stock market in particular in 2018. The market was down for the first time ever after 5 previous consecutive years of growth in line with the positive momentum of the economy. Specifically, the VN-Index fell by 26.3% after setting an all-time peak (1,211 points) and was 9.32% lower than that at the end of 2017. The instabilities in the global markets such as the US - China trade war, higher interest rates set by the US Federal Reserve (FED), and slowing global growth, etc., all negatively affected to the market sentiment. In addition, the competition in commercial activities is becoming stronger between securities companies. The market is now open to wider participation of foreign competitors with potentials in capital, human resources and technology, as well as stronger competition in the application of technology, artificial intelligence and development of trading system etc. On this background, SSI recognizes the importance of integration of sustainable development objectives in its business strategies. This would enhance SSI’s adaptation to all market conditions, continue to exceed its business targets while improving its prestige and market competitiveness, attracting local and foreign investors’ interest, building a stronger team by engaging high quality human resources, thereby efficiently contributing to the market, community and society.


In 2018, SSI continued to obtain positive achievements in sustainable development activities. The Company’s decent business performance over recent years has directly contributed to the State budget by means of taxes and other payables. Apart from this, indirect contributions have been made to the overall development of the economy in general and the stock market in particular, namely: consultancy for enterprises’ fund-raising, contributing to the formation of a channel to direct and distribute capital to the economy in the long term; active participation in market development; job creation and generation of stable income for employees. Corporate governance at SSI is delivered effectively to gradually fulfill the best regional standards and enhance transparency, seeing this as a guiding principle in all of its activities to assist the Company in risk management, legal compliance, protection of rights and benefits, and ensuring fairness to all shareholders.


The sustainable development of SSI will not be made possible without strong support from our customers; thus, the customer centric approach is adopted for all activities of the Company. SSI manages to bring customer satisfaction by constantly improving the quality of our products and services, development of new products, adoption of flexible and dynamic customer service, sharing of market information, and building public awareness on the stock market.


A responsible investment strategy to accompany and create shared development space with our associated companies and investee companies has also been pursued by SSI for many years.


For SSI, human capital is the most valuable asset. Thus, SSI has striven incessantly to build an organization where each member finds peace of mind and feels satisfied at work. This has been made possible by facilitating and promoting work-life balance, continuous training and development, and intensification of compliance to realize sustainable goals as opposed to short-term benefits.


In addition, under a commitment “We strive the better the communities in which we work”, throughout its course of growth, SSI has proactively developed education programs for young generations and joined local communities in poverty reduction, addressing challenges and building a better society.


At the start of another year in its connecting journey, SSI will continue to execute its chosen mission and undertake to secure sustainable development steps for itself, its Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Partners, and the Community. I’d like to extend my thanks to our Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Employees for your valuable support and companionship.


We wish You good health and success!



Nguyen Duy Hung

Chairman cum Chief Executive Officer