SSI understands that customer trust is the foundation for its sustainable development. Therefore, customer is always placed at the heart of all activities. 


Safe and transparent management of investors’ assets 

In the context of strong fluctuations in the stock market and intense competition between securities companies over time, SSI has always been consistent in its principle of treating customers with utmost respect, not only focusing on profitable businesses but also protecting our investors from any losses of assets while promoting a transparent stock market. During the past 18 years, SSI has effectively managed assets for domestic and international investors, contributing to retaining their confidence in Vietnam Stock Market and a stable economic development. By the end of 2018, the Company was managing more than 153,000 accounts, accounting for 7% of the total accounts in the market. Customer accounts are managed in line with strict regulations; the risk management and internal control processes are systematically and professionally delivered, not only complying with the provisions of the law but also minimizing conflicts of interests and protecting investors’ rights and interests. In asset management, SSIAM has been making continuous efforts in mobilizing assets from new customers as well as effective asset management of existing customers. As of the end of 2018, the total assets under management of SSIAM reached VND 5,573 billion. 


Improving service quality & leading in development of new products 

In 2018, SSI officially launched and operated a new trading core system for cash to better meet the needs of customers by providing modern technology, good connectivity, combined with business process automation, management of diverse products and high stability. The iBoard stock board uses the latest stock chart technology for fast and accurate tracking of prices and customer transactions. 

The company also upgrades Web Trading for derivatives market, aiming for 3 important focal points: Speed, Conditional orders and Utilities. Specifically, SSI provides 6 types of conditional orders to help investors apply flexible and diverse applications to create investment advantages, while managing risks of derivative transactions. Features, utilities, daily open and close position reports, historical close position reports, cash statements, profit-loss management, money transfers, etc. are also completed to help investors track and manage their account. 

In the second half of 2018, SSI also deployed many projects on the new technology platform such as the New Generation Online Trading System (NGOT) to bring new and better customer experiences with the advanced self-directed trading function, iWin simulation trading system to support the testing and discussion of investment strategies in simulated environment, iData to provide 3rd party support data to assist customers in using personal applications to analyze investment strategies. The Company has also completed the preparation of the system and business processes for secured warrant products, making it ready to supply such products to investors in 2019 according to the schedule of HOSE.

In addition, SSI successfully developed a payment system connected with major banks such as Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (VCB), Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank), Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB), Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) to facilitate fast and convenient cash transfer of customers. The company is also one of the first securities companies in Vietnam to coordinate with domestic and foreign depository banks to successfully implement business processes, support derivative transactions for foreign institutional customers. 

For services for Institutional Customers, SSI continues to expand its global partner network through securities companies and international banks to provide market information, as well as introduce early opportunities for international customers. In 2018 only, the broker team conducted more than 2,000 meetings with international investment funds, organized 20 trips traditional financial markets such as the US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Thailand, co-organized 2 large financial conferences with Citi Group and Goldman Sachs to introduce nearly 40 Vietnamese enterprises to the world.


Flexible and dynamic customer care policy

After a period of preparation, SSI Securities Services officially separated its management structure into two specialized Units: Retail Brokerage and Institutional Brokerage for better specialization and improved service quality for customers. In particular, Retail Brokerage has employed 87 additional brokers - bringing the total number of brokers to 566 as at the end of 2018, and opened two new Transaction Offices: Cach Mang Thang Tam and Nguyen Huu Canh Transaction Offices - raising the total number to 17 Branches/Transaction Offices and project teams. Institutional Brokerage has also recruited many highly qualified personnel and appointed 02 Co-Managing Directors - 01 American one with extensive experience in the international financial market, and 01 Vietnamese one with over 10 years of experience at SSI and insight of the local market and customers. 

SSI’s retail customers are whole-heartedly cared for by a team of energetic and professional brokers. The annual increase in the number of accounts is accompanied by the growth of brokers. By 2018, there were 566 full-time brokers locating at 14 Branches/Transaction Offices, up 18% against 2017. As the team grew, its quality was also strictly controlled so that information, knowledge and experience of communicating with and advising customers is properly updated and shared along with the growth and increasing maturity of the market. 

With regards to SSI’s institutional customers: customer service is enabled by three key factors: technology, people and responsive products and services. Intensive investments have been made in technology, especially the ordering system for institutional customers, in order to ensure stability during large-scale transactions and compliance with international standards on trading systems exclusively used for institutional customers. Institutional sales team was also supplemented with many senior personnel, who are expatriates and have extensive experience at international financial institutions to take charge of developing markets in the US, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong.



SSI continues to periodically carry out customer satisfaction surveys through various forms: sending survey forms via email, calling through the contact center, and direct meeting to listen to multidimensional feedbacks about the SSI’s services. In 2018, there were about 1,000 large-scale customers and investors participated in these surveys, helping SSI to identify and synthesize interactions between customers and the Company, better understand the needs and interests of each customer, aiming to bring the best experience of customers at SSI. 


“Always listening” is the slogan to which each agent of SSI’s Call Center at hotline numbers 1900545471. The operation of these two call centers demonstrate SSI’s goodwill in offering the best of services to its customers. All transactions performed via the call centers are processed promptly, which helps save 80% of the time compared with conventionally processed ones. 

Active sharing of market information and investment opportunities at communication events & workshops 

As part of its efforts to protect our customers from any losses of assets and develop a transparent stock market, in 2018, SSI continued to organize a series of non-profit workshops and actively shared market information through media agencies. 

Since its establishment in August 2017, the derivative market has maintained a high growth rate and trading volume, with continuously new records of transaction volume. However, this is still a fairly new concept for individual investors and embedded with many risk factors. Understanding this, in 2018, SSI organized a series of training workshops on derivative investment at all branches and transaction offices of SSI across the country. Titled as “Sharing effective trading strategies on the derivative market”, the training program focused on assisting customers in development of an effective plan, including defining trends and principles of timing to buy - sell, selling a loss, selling for profit, timing to limit transactions; methods to develop risk management principles for minimum losses and maximum profits - these are factors to improve the chance of investors to win in a new market. In 2018, workshops were organized on a small scale, focusing on customers of each broker agency. In 2019, the workshop series will be held at the Branch/Transaction Office level on a monthly basis, ensuring that the investors would always have provided with latest knowledge on the stock market. 


In addition to the direct training activities, as the leading securities company in the market, SSI has been accompanying, sharing and cooperating closely with over 40 press and media agencies, both locally and internationally, to develop public awareness on issues related to markets, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s stock market. The company has always actively worked with the press agencies to promptly share macro-economic reports, stock market reports, money market reports and industry-specific reports conducted by SSI Analysts. In addition, the company was also regularly invited to the financial news programs of national media agencies such as VTV1, Thoi bao Tai chinh (Financial Times), National Assembly Television, etc. to promptly share information and build investor trust in the market, especially during periods of high volatility in the market. 

In 2018, SSI actively delivered 36 communication campaigns, with more than 970 articles related to SSI in the mainstream newspapers.