With the vision “The business of success”, for SSI, the Company’s success means maximizing effectiveness and value for Clients, Associates, Partners, Shareholders and the Community. 

SSI is fully aware that a business cannot operate while focusing only on stand-alone and short-term development goals without paying attention to long-term growth in relation to the economy, environment and society. Especially, in the context of challenging business environment from macroeconomy fluctuation, stock market being forecasted to remain volatile and increasing competition from local and foreign securities companies, more than ever, SSI needs to integrate sustainable development goals into overall development strategy, maintaining its position as the leading financial institution in Vietnam and reaching out to international market. Therefore, the Company’s long-term strategic direction is to ensure the Business’s sustainable development in line with the sustainable development of the Vietnamese Financial Market, and to contribute most effectively and practically to the Society



SSI shares potential opportunities with clients, colleagues, partners and the community. It plays an important factor in accomplishing the set forth mission, as well as bringing about sustainable development to SSI and its stakeholders.