Since our early days, SSI defined and has relentlessly pursued our target to become a leading financial institution in Vietnam and reach out to international markets, to uphold the “Connect Capital to Opportunities” mission, and customer-centric approach. Our persistent target yet flexible approach in addition to business acumen not only help SSI remain resilient against ups and downs on the market, but also justify our position as the No. 1 Securities Company in Vietnam. In addition, every five-year development strategy is accompanied by a three-year action plan which has helped SSI gain its impressive milestones.  
The medium and long-term development strategy of the coming phase for each business unit is set out as follows:
Securities Services 
SSI’s Securities Services aims to hold the No. 1 position by the brokerage market share, No. 1 position by the diversity and quality of product and service offering, No. 1 position by personnel efficiency and inspiring working environment through: 
Develop specific products for each customer segment, pioneer to develop and offer new products;
Diversify customer base including traditional customer groups and expand new customer groups; customer group in need of quality trading platform with reasonable cost; and the customer group demanding value-added products and services, in order to achieve a harmonization of market share and profit targets;
Improve broker performance through training, coaching as well as performance supervision and management programs;
Develop the retail distribution network;
Investment in technology system, including focus on online trading channels to improve connectivity and transaction smoothness for customers. 
Justify our established position of No. 1 financial resources on the market through: 
Improving the quality of treasury management;
Stable year-on-year growth in total assets;
Offering diversified and effective structured products. 
Asset Management 
Improve asset under management size, establish the position as the leading Asset Management Company in Vietnam in the direction of: 
Enhancing the existing products & excelling in the development of new products to meet the needs of investors over time;
Maintaining and cultivating local and overseas distribution channels to better approach potential investors to Vietnam Stock Market.
Investment Banking 
Maintain our leading position in investment banking in the stock market through:
Providing comprehensive financial solutions to clients;
Establishing close cooperation with major global financial institutions;
Carrying out specialization of human resources. 
Principle Investment  
Investment activities will maintain significant contribution to total revenue through:
Defining value investment strategy providing flexibility and adaptability against the market; regularly reviewing and considering macro elements; keeping up with firms’ business approach; determining proper corporate values;
Leveraging market growth in portfolio allocation with hedging against local and foreign risks;
Balancing between long-term strategic investments and passive investments.