Successful divestments from some investments resulted in expected profits in 2018. 
Risks of flexible portfolios in case of market declines were minimized - profit margin surpassed VN-Index. 
2018 was the first year SSI took over the investment mandate through SSIAM, except for the parallel investment portfolios with Daiwa and the portfolio of unlisted companies (Private Equity), to ensure transparency and fairness in management of external customer’s assets which is independent of management of the parent company’s assets.
With active investment strategy, SSI successfully divested from 2 Associated Companies, namely Dong Nai Port Joint Stock Company (PDN - HOSE) and Vietnam Fumigation Joint Stock Company (VFG - HOSE). Thus, at the end of 2018, The PAN Group JSC. (PAN - HOSE) is the only associated company. SSI maintains its practices in personnel appointment to participate in the Board of Directors and has been working closely with the Management of the Company. With the strategy of developing a value chain of Farm - Food - Family, PAN aims to become one of the leading enterprises in agriculture & food, providing organic, safe and traceable products. 
For passive investment strategy, SSI performed reasonable asset allocation, analyzed the factors that affect the market, analyzed industrial sectors, and selected companies with growth potential to map out specific investment plans. In addition, SSI focused on divesting its investments to deliver expected profits. The SSI strategy which focuses on divestment and rising cash holdings in 2018 helped it respond to negative impacts of global macroeconomic fluctuations while harnessing disbursement opportunities in case of market declines. 
(*) Market price as of 31/12/2018