2018 is a year to affirm sustainable growth of both SSI and SSI Treasury. Total assets of SSI reached VND 23,825.6 billion (equivalent to USD 1 billion) - a record high thanks to the high and stable growth rate of 27% compared to 2017. As a result, the profit amount of Treasury reached VND 367.2 billion - an increase of 139% YoY. This is the result of its active treasury activities and pioneering position in the deployment of new products and services with the Bank, contributing significantly to the overall business performance of the Company. Besides, the staffing structure remains stable, with the addition of experienced and senior team members in the field, which is expected to deliver promising business performance in 2019. 
Revenue and profit growth rate is over 55% and 139% respectively compared to the previous year, equivalent to VND 759.1 billion in revenue and VND 367.2 billion in profit.
Total assets maintained a growth rate of 27% higher than the previous year. The company, for the first time ever, achieved the total assets of USD 1 billion (VND 23,825.6 billion).
Liquidity safety is ensured while meeting all capital needs of customers and other business units.
Diversification of partners with major domestic institutions is promoted while actively expanding relations with foreign financial institutions.
Building, consolidating and developing staffing structure and gradually promoting business of structured and derivative products. 




Treasury continues to grow at a stable rate while there are not any major changes in macroeconomic conditions


In 2018, thanks to a relatively favorable business environment: interest rates on both capital and money markets experienced little volatility, the exchange rate was guaranteed, the liquidity in terms of both the Vietnamese dong and foreign currencies was positive, which all facilitated an enabling conditions for investors and market members. SSI Treasury has performed effectively both in terms of quantity and quality, which is seen in its scale and frequency of significant growth of transactions, along with high transaction efficiency to deliver sudden but expected growth in profits.

SSI continues to maintain its position in focusing on long-term asset transactions with reasonable interest rates and acceptable risk level to increase profits. Specifically, the investment is allocated to valuable papers of credit institutions, corporate bonds, derivative products and special structures with large financial institutions. Besides, the Treasury has also gradually prepared and developed financial products for non-professional financial investors through cross-sales with other Business Units in SSI.


Liquidity safety is always a secured top priority

In SSI’s total assets, bank deposits always take up a very high proportion. In 2018, that proportion continued to be maintained in order to optimize profits and provide a liquidity tool to support all the needs of customers as well as other business activities of SSI. The company continues to introduce credit limits applicable to major domestic and foreign financial institutions to ensure the above objectives. These achievements contributed significantly to the development of SSI into the largest, most reputable, most financially secured securities company in the system which receives a high credit score in the financial market.


Optimization of investment opportunities through derivative and structured trading products


The Structured Products Department, established in 2018, is tasked to design and develop structured and derivative products such as corporate bond products and VND interest rate swaps (IRS). Following the success in 2017, the investment value of corporate bond reached approximately VND 1,000 billion and the revenue from sales of IRS products grew at a high level of VND 8,000 billion, which were highest among securities companies.