Along with the Vision of “The Business of Success” and the mission of “Connecting Capital to Opportunities”, the above business principles help SSI individuals understand their position and responsibility, develop their pride in each person on the Company to which they are committed. These values are made clear to the staff members right from the early orientation sessions at the start of their first assignment at the Company, and then are continuously repeated as reminders on the internal media, events and training, or placed in the solemn and visible positions in the working rooms for SSI employees to better understand them every day. And this is also the legacy and motivation for SSI employees to pass it down future generations. 
Consistent internal communication is the key success factor in SSI’s corporate culture
As the company expands, consistent and seamless internal communication is crucial to all activities. Therefore, SSI has paid due attention to establishing and frequently improving internal communication channels so that it is complete, accessible and connecting all members.
Internal Communication is the common voice of SSI employees. Not only an effective communication channel to convey information from the Management to employees and vice versa, Internal Communication is also a communication channel, connecting members in the Company and playing an important role in internal solidarity.
Given the importance of internal communication, any information from the leadership, events and activities of the company are communicated thoroughly to each SSI member. Internal newsletters, activities and events of SSI, with carefully selected contents, are sent to each employee every two weeks in a well-presented manner through the internal email system. Featured categories include internal news updates; information, judgment on SSI and markets; personal interviews or important internal notices. Members can contribute their personal opinions and perspectives, and provide new information for diversity of newsletters. 
If Internal Newsletters provide simple information, then internal forum – SSI Insider expands the interaction between members. This is a place for SSI individuals to share not only information and events but also their work experience, life experiences, joys and laughters, and even sadness. Stories are constantly updated, expanding the network to cover new members and stimulating exchanges among long-time members. Against the backdrop of technological advancement and social network prominence, SSI’s internal communication channels are also improved to responds to emerging needs and trends and deliver information to each SSI member more effectively. 
Especially, interactive information sharing within SSI is increasingly advanced and effective. SSI’s Management always wants to stay abreast of business situation and new policies to actively and promptly update the employees accordingly, ensuring consistent and precise communication. Employees’ feedback on workplace environment is highly valued by the Board of Management. Through surveys, e-mailing campaigns, online voting or direct comments on internal communication channels, employees at all levels can express their views and expectations to help SSI improve and develop more sustainably.
In addition, SSI’s awards, achievements and charity/sponsoring activities are frequently updated in all media channels to uphold pride among SSI individuals.
Nurture and promote SSI’s unique culture
SSI people are not only talents in the financial world with professionalism and expertise but also the people who know to work hard and play hard - a culture highly valued within the company. 
SSI GALA - Corporate culture day is the largest annual event held at the end of the financial year (April). This is an opportunity for the members to relax and enjoy the joyful and refreshing moments in the team building activities, and to have some reflections on the past journey, including achievements and ongoing issues in the operation of the previous year, from which they can be more motivated and committed to together work on the goal of the following year.
The award “Employee of the year” that honors SSI individuals who have been and will continue to have the significant contributions to the development of the whole company is considered as the most anticipated award every year. The award highlights the core values of SSI, that focus on individuals, and encourages further efforts and development of the members themselves. In particular, individuals with outstanding contributions honored in 3 GALA events will be awarded their own trophies.  
Understanding the broker team is a key force, SSI organizes annual ceremony to honor SSI Securities Services to honor individuals with outstanding achievements in business activities of the Unit in particular and contribution to SSI development in general. These are not only talents in the Company but also high-quality experts in Vietnam Finance - Securities industry.
With staff members of different age groups who share optimistic and enthusiastic attitude, in 2018, SSI members continued to maintain and develop physical activities outside of working hours. Football, Yoga and Photography Clubs meet on a regular basis. In particular, the Photography Club organized additional competitions on the Company-wide scale Photography and coordinated with other clubs to organize effective joint activities. In addition to the annual Open Football Championship, SSI Football and Table Tennis Clubs last year also participated in major friendly tournaments such as the Football tournament of the securities companies (ranked 3rd), the 3rd open VSD table tennis tournament (ranked 2nd in men’s singles, 3rd in women’s singles and 3rd in doubles). 

In addition to improvement to spiritual life of employees, SSI also introduced programs for their families and relatives. On the major public holidays such as Children’s Day (June 1) and Mid-Autumn Festival, SSI organized extracurricular activities for SSIKids who are children of SSI members. Every December, i.e. the end of a year, also marks the organization of SSI Family Day. The event is designed in an elaborate manner, with entertainment activities to be held in the afternoon and artistic programs in the evening, to honor the spiritual values for which the families have extended their support to SSI. 

In parallel with the welfare policy, these events/activities contributed significantly to the improved linkage between the members and the Company. Not just a workplace, SSI wishes to bring a truly positive environment and create the most favorable conditions for SSI individuals to work with all their hearts and souls at the Company. 


Combination of unique personalities, innovation, professionalism and specific expertise in each SSI individual altogether has made SSI’s unity and harmonization

SSI people always strive to learn and improve knowledge, taking initiative at work for better performance. However, it takes more than a single talent to build a sustainable business. For this reason, SSI always uphold the unity across the entire company, team spirit, and team work, which are shown in the 9 business principles, internal communication and other activities. 

Each individual is an indispensable chain which makes SSI “system” operate in a seamless and efficient manner. SSI members are complementary to each other and work closely together in sharing ideas, discussing, seeking initiatives, solutions and how to achieve the best results.

A sustainable business must focus on internal resources, emphasizing personal development without overlooking internal harmonization so that every individual can devote to the company’s mission and vision. Professional, enthusiastic staff who always strive to become an active factor in the company’s development is the greatest pride of SSI.