Key success drivers


Develop talents and nurture the next generation of leaders

In 2017, the number of middle - level managers (Heads of department or higher) of the Company was 158/887, accounting for 18% of the total number of SSI staff. In order to develop human resources ready for key positions when needed, leaders pay close attention to seeking and developing the next generation managers through human resource planning, job placement and management skills training.

In 2017, the Company has appointed 55 middle - level managers and higher positions along with the development of its network throughout the country. Newly appointed employees are provided with training courses to supplement skills, knowledge and tools for the work, including leadership skills, corporate governance skills, business strategy and professional updates, etc. At the same time, direct support and on-the-job training are conducted regularly to facilitate newly appointed employees accomplished the assigned tasks and continue to develop.

Ensuring performance-based income and economic benefits of the staff
Maintaining growth and economic stability of SSI helps ensure employees’ vested interests through a market competitive compensation and benefit policy, reaffirming staff confidence and attachment to the Company, contributing to the goal of corporate sustainable development.

Inheriting human resource management philosophy over the past years, SSI has maintained and developed the 3 Ps income model (Position, Person and Performance) in order to link income to contribution and work performance of each individual as well as ensure internal fairness, market competitiveness and employees’ motivation. For 7 successive years from 2010 to 2017, SSI continues to participate in Vietnam’s most prestigious Salary Survey conducted by Mercer, and connect and communicate regularly with to renown consultants to receive proposals and policies to optimize HR efficiency.

In 2017, SSI has spent over VND 375 billion on salaries, insurance premiums and other benefits, performance-based bonuses following year-end performance review; of which performance bonuses accounted for a relatively large proportion, reflecting a rational merit-based remuneration mechanism.

SSI continues to apply the Performance Management System (PMS) to ensure equity and accessibility to employees at all positions. The evaluation system was developed to improve accuracy of the evaluation and ranking of employees based on actual annual performance, which is directly linked to personal rewards; and more importantly, each employee has developed an orientation for improvement and development of professional knowledge and skills through the establishment of goals for the review period. The online performance evaluation process allows for interaction and two-way exchange between evaluators and evaluatees, enabling employees’ clear understanding of management expectations, as well as managers to know key aspects in staffs’ work. This factor enhances job management skills, team management, and time and goal management for each individual, and also improves the efficiency of the whole organization. With a comprehensive and interactive assessment system, the Company also aims to motivate and encourage employees, both newly recruited, senior staffs or management levels, to measure personal performance effectiveness and continue striving to conquer the next level of career goals.






Health care and safety for employees
In addition to full implementation of health insurance policy under the Labor Law, the Company has continuously and continually strengthened the health insurance and accident insurance program for its staffs to ensure assurance, sharing the financial burden in the event of health-related risks. SSI's partner selection and cooperation are always prestigious and professional insurance agents to provide additional insurance programs for employees and their relatives.

Regular medical checkups are conducted by reliable and renowned health-care facilities to monitor employees’ health and detect any problems for early intervention. Health-related information is tracked over years and used as input to design relevant additional health insurance schemes for employees.

The Company continued to pay keen attention to the staff’s health. In addition to raising awareness of health care and disease updates for employees, internal activities also aim to build a healthy lifestyle to protect and enhance the health of employees and their families. On a quarterly basis, the Company held counseling programs with the participation of experts and doctors to enhance health care knowledge for employees. Health care newsletters are also prepared by experts and circulated in a timely manner to give alerts on seasonal disease outbreak and precautions while taking medicine to help employees maintain good health of themselves and family.

Sports and physical fitness activities are encouraged and facilitated by the Board of Management via financing and organization of clubs like yoga, zumba, soccer and table tennis tournaments among the company and with other companies, etc. The activities are well organized and help employees stay well, refresh and feel a stronger sense of bonding the the team.

SSI regularly conducts fire drills at its facilities to build awareness of fire safety. In the process of managing and upgrading facilities, the Company devotes much attention to equipping, testing and periodically maintaining the fire protection system to ensure the safety of employees. For offices located in high rise buildings, the Company strictly adheres to the general regulations on fire prevention and control of the building management.




Other comprehensive policies: Improving working conditions and welfare for employees
Proven to be one of the most effective policies in attracting, recognizing and retaining talent, SSI continues to be a leading player in implementing Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In the year, SSI has successfully issued 10 million shares under this Program, which aims to align the interests of employees and the Company’s; attract, retain and motivate talents to engage with the Company for a long-term horizon through:
(i) creating additional benefits for these employees in addition to salary and bonuses;
(ii) linking employee performance with the common interests and development of the Company;
(iii) sharing benefits with the Company as the Company gains success in the future. In addition, the Program also raised additional working capital for the Company.

Furthermore, the overall benefit scheme of the Company also considers allowances such as per diem; gas allowance; telephone allowance, etc. to provide maximal support for staffs to fulfill their tasks. Additionally, during annual holidays, the Company always has appropriate welfare programs to celebrate and encourage employees, contributing to improve employee satisfaction and team spirit.


Towards Work - Life Balance
SSI continued the Great Workplace campaign whereby SSI Board of Management continued to pay due attention to creating a balance between work and life of employees at all levels. SSI facilitates and encourages members to innovate work approach to ensure work-life balance. The Company continued to implement policies to encourage employees to take leaves for energy renewal after periods of intensive work, which is also a chance to test alternative staffing mechanism in each department. In terms of management system, SSI makes strong improvement efforts to reduce overtime hours to allow employees have more time for family and still achieve targeted results.

The Company also tries to create working environments and fair development opportunities between male and female staffs. SSI still maintains a gender balance between male and female employees. With female employees, the Company always complies with all regulations on female labors and creates favorable conditions for female employees returning to work post maternity. Understanding and sharing family responsibilities with employees, SSI believes that only when an employee rests assured of his/her family, the desirable performance can be achieved. Job sharing and backup personnels in cases of employees on sick leave, maternity, caring for sick family members are positively engaged by both leaders and employees.

SSI’s Family day has become a well-expected annual event for all members, where families can have fun and connect. Such events have enhanced family bonds as well as the connection between staff’s families and the Company. Through the event, each “extended” member of SSI somewhat becomes more understanding, sharing, and proud of SSI, and more willing to continue their “support role” for each SSI’s employee.

SSI staff activities such as 2 regional soccer teams, photography club, yoga or zumba clubs are encouraged by the Board of Management and welcomed by the majority of employees. With these activities, each member of SSI can pursue their personal preferences to relax after stressful working hours. Internal events such as the annual Gala where talents, forte and collective strength of SSI are showcased, provides an opportunity to bring more laughters and joys for the entire staff.

In addition, the Board of Management also value employees’ work-life balance as evidenced by policies such as: Employees are entitled to 2 more days of sick leaves in the year, staff birthday gifts and occasions such as International Women's on March 8th, the Vietnam Women's Day on October 20th, Autumn Gifts Program and Children's Festival for children of the staff, offering new and healthy products to employees such as premium melons, AHHA candies, ROSIO cookies or HURO candies from The Pan Group., bringing joy, pride and the feeling of belonging to every member of SSI.

The Company aims toward sustainable development for both individuals and the entire Company. And to achieve such sustainability, SSI commits its best efforts for the creation of a work-life balanced environment in many ways and will continue to study and develop policies and activities to achieve this balance.