The whole organization is engaged in learning.

Internal training courses throughout the system via technical training sessions, seminars, and consultations to share experiences, GALA (annual meetings), etc ...created enabling conditions to link members from the South - North regions, Managers with Staff, Staff members in one department and those from different departments for them to contribute feedback on activity orientation, operational experience, spiritual connection, and together create a “transparent, honest, effective and creative working environment”, contribute to development of the company, and maintain its position as the leading financial institution with “talented, pioneering and enthusiastic ” staff members.


SSI adopts modern management practices.

SSI pays special attention to the hunting and development of potential and talented candidates under its human resource development plan to deliver short-term plans and long-term strategies of the organization.



The newly promoted employees are provided with training courses to supplement skills, knowledge and tools for the work, including leadership skills, governance skills, business strategy development and implementation; at the same time, direct support and on-the-job training are conducted regularly to facilitate newly appointed employees accomplished the assigned tasks and continue to develop.
Training and development are one of the key factors that promote the career advancement of each individual. Each step of personal career advancement is a constructive contributor to the common success of SSI.
365 days of welfare
Available benefits are linked with competence, achievement and work performance.
In 2018, SSI continued to increase the budget and released more than VND 480 billion to its employees, in which spending as rewards for work efficiency accounted for 49% of the total payment and 1.35 times higher than the payroll.
SSI operates a system that indicates goals and work performance results of each individual at all positions and levels in order to better recognize their achievements and contributions to the overall achievement while monitoring the performance and development roadmap of individuals associated with SSI’s and its devisions’ plans and strategies.
Based on established annual goals, the management at corresponding level assigns specific activities and targets for each individual, including the Strategy and Plans assigned by the Management; individuals shall understand the objectives of their task and methods to measure work performance results to properly allocate time and resources to their work. By this, the Company’s Strategy is better understood, gradually realized and put into practice in the daily activities of each SSI Staff.
In parallel with its competitive salary and benefits policies compared with others in the market, in the past year, SSI successfully issued 10 million shares, staying as the leading organization in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to align employees’ interests with the organization’s; attract, retain and motivate qualified and committed employees to contribute to the company in the long time.
Besides financial remuneration, SSI establishes and enhances the system of comprehensive non-financial benefits policies for employees such as welfare packages for annual public holidays, additional health insurance policies for employees and their families, periodic health checkups, sponsor for participation in clubs such as yoga, zumba, football, table tennis, etc. with the aim of motivating and facilitating its staff to be peace of mind at work, make efforts and engage further with the entire Company.
Development towards a work - life balance
In line with the development trend of human resources in the world, SSI staff members are mainly in the age group of 25 to 35 (Millenials generation; they are interested in strong brands, desire to make a difference and have a vision towards a balanced life).


SSI keeps its working policies that require 5 working days per week, 14 days of leave per year to enable employees to have more quality time for their personal interests, care of their relatives and better enjoyment of their life family.
SSI continued to maintain its Great Workplace Campaign, which transforms co-workers into great partners at work as well as in daily life activities.
Other events on which SSI focused on include: Mid-Autumn Festival and Children’s Day for the young members, Special gifts in Lunar New Year holiday for families, Organic food and Price incentives for SSI individuals, Annual SSI Family Day, ...that are expected by all members.