Human resources - Trust and Pride


In its development journey over 18 years of ups and downs, SSI has constantly managed to create, affirm and maintain a transparent, modern and honest working environment, centered around the development of a human resource team as well as its Trust and Pride. Its people are SSI’s most valuable assets.


Attracting “talents”
Attracting talents in the financial industry is one of the key directions, establishing impression and identity of SSI brand in the market and financial community in recent years. Grounded by this direction, SSI always welcomes talented, enthusiastic, aspiring candidates who are ready to take new opportunities and challenges.
As the human resource market is facing major challenges in terms of both quantity and quality, SSI has actively connected itself strongly with potential candidates through building a professional Employer Brand towards open information approaches and making the most of the professional services provided by the market such as “headhunting” service, boosting and promoting activities of “Cooperation and partnerships” while harnessing advantages derived from Trust and Pride of its people on SSI brand and reputation to jointly look for, attract and recruit talents; especially for senior positions and leading experts.
In addition to “doing a job”, “building a career” is also targeted in the journey of development with the Company.
SSI highly appreciates and gives priority, in its selection, to those candidates who show an active attitude in study and application as well as a strong desire to develop their career at SSI.
SSI has strengthened strong multi-dimensional cooperation activities with major universities in Vietnam, international student communities in the financial sector through a series of programs: Internships, Talk-shows about career orientation, sponsorship, scholarships, etc. to sow trust and pride among newcomers at SSI for them to contribute to the shared development journey.
To prepare for next steps and complete key tasks in the transition period after 18 years of establishment and development, as of December 31, 2018, SSI’s human resources reached 1,026 in quantity (Business Units accounting for 84%), new recruitment was 317 employees, most of whom were under 30 years old, well-trained (88% university degree holders and 12% graduate degree holders), dynamic and creative.
Building a foundation for sustainable development through promoting the internal strength of the organization and its strategic message of “accompanying the company in its endeavors"
The aspiration of the organization is to gather personal aspirations. Success to the organization means success to each and every individual.
To SSI, human resources are the key factor that make the difference and generate competitive advantages of the Company. Based on this, SSI has proactively built trust with employees through a series of activities, companion programs, comprehensive training and capacity development, which should develop their professional knowledge, understanding and competency while supporting them in effective use of management skills, developing long-term vision for career improvement and achievements.
Employees at all levels were trained on corporate culture, the development directions of the organization to promote their long-term commitment and strengthen the trust and pride of newly recruited members and throughout their career development journey.
Training and development activities at SSI continued to be designed and implemented comprehensively, including compulsory training courses required by SSC, training courses on specialist skills, training programs to establish a management platform (customers, teams, organizational structure) with high applicability to contribute significantly to the growth of the team and SSI success in 2018.