2018 was a year full of excitements. SSI’s major focus and efforts in the first half of the year were on replacing the outdated core trading system for the cash market. With the full contribution from the technical teams and business users, the replacement of the core trading system for the cash market had been made in March with successful status. With the new and advance core system, SSI is ready to enrich our services to customers in a fast and robust manner. This also enabled the Company to proceed the other strategy projects in the organization. In fact, six new service development projects were started right after we launched the new core system for cash market. 
2018 was also a year full of challenge. SSI faced several subjects causing unstable environments for business operation. Those subjects included hardware issues, application issues, and human issues. SSI immediately put in full efforts to stabilize it and resolved the root causes. Later stage of 2018, the environment became stable.
IT Operations 
Due to significant high demands of technology in 2018, the SLA compliance was maintained at 96%. 
A task force was set up to review and improve the service quality of the technology section in the organization. The monitor of the service quality is bundled inside the Quality Assurance team with the target at 98% SLA achievement in 2019. 
Stability & Availability 
Due to several issues in 2018, the availability of our technology achievement was dropped to 99%, which was far below our target as 99.9%. Even though SSI tested the new core system for cash market for an intensive period with comprehensive coverages of any foreseeable issues, certain obstacles still existed. The Company took actions rectified the situations to minimize the impact to the business operation. 
SSI made 2 strategy moves on improving the stability and availability, double the team size taking care infrastructure, and triggered the hardware recycling project 2 years earlier. 
Information Security 
Cybercrime becomes serious in the recent years. Attacking, hijacking, or stealing information by any unexpected approaches are common. This year, SSI set up a new team dedicated on information security. They in-charges all aspects related to this field. 
However, no matter how well we defend ourselves, there may have tiny holes not able to get our attention. Therefore, the Company got the tier one international consultancy service to review all our facilities included all end-points to determine any other unaware leakages. SSI also continuously revised our policy to further tighten our security.  
With the latest core systems for both cash and derivative markets, SSI were ready to start the other solution development in the organization to gain back the benefit edge on technology. 
In the second half of 2018, SSI started six projects related to the front line of the business. These included the following. 
1. Customer Relationship Management for leads and sales management as well as customer retention focusing on their satisfactory
2. Next generation online trading environment (NGOT) for bringing in the best and content rich self-trading facilities for customers 
3. iBoard, Information Portal, for centralizing all information customers needed for trading
4. iWin, Trading Simulator, for our customers to test and discuss their trading strategy 
5. iData, 3rd party solution support, for our customers to use their own application on strategy analysis 
6. Business Intelligence for the leaders in the organization having 360-degree view of their relevant business areas  
7. Other 3 projects are on the pipeline of 2019 to provide cutting edge technology for our professional traders as well as our institutional clients. SSI is also revamping our ERP environment to adapt the latest business model with the most effective utilization on our resources. 
Besides all these projects, SSI started new project on how to get the best benefit for our customer from the new matching systems going to launch in Stock Exchanges.
In summary, we are ready to serve our customers in all segments for all their needs.