Medium - Long term development objectives & strategies



With the goal to maintain its position as the leading financial institution in Vietnam market and reach out to international markets, in coming years, SSI will strive endlessly for operational innovation as well as product and service diversification. Customers will always be placed at the center with the Company’s commitment to a long term partnership and cooperation for mutual development. New technological solutions to be provided to increase the utility and investment results for customers. SSI will also continue to focus on developing a high quality human resource team to meet the rigorous market demands; create a working environment in which each individual is given opportunities to explore and develop full potentials, contributing the highest value for the Company. Costs are strictly controlled and risk management is focused to improve financial performance.

SSI believes that the combination of building a reputable brand and operating in accordance with standards will help maximize shareholders’ value.


For each Business Unit, medium - long term strategy is developed as follows:

-  On customers: Focusing on consolidating traditional markets, in parallel with the development and exploration of new markets. New markets and new customer groups are explored through active reach to investment opportunities, investment seminars and international roadshows with Vietnamese enterprises. Through cooperative relationships between the Company and other influential and reputable international financial institutions, SSI can enhance the level of reach in markets that are channeling strong capital inflows into Vietnam. In addition, corporate clients represent an important element to step up in both quality and quantity, with the aim of reaching 100 new relationships every year, in both listed and unlisted companies. On-line trading personal clients, customers using leverage (margin lending) and young student customers - both in country and abroad are also the segments that the Company continues to grow in the coming years.
-  On products and services: Continuing to improve the quality of investment advisory and recommendations, in addition to expanding and diversifying market opportunities reports and analysis, stock analysis, cash flow and market liquidity reports. Increasing margin lending and diversifying financial products to provide leverage for customers. Developing trading tools to support new product development such as derivatives and warrants.
-  On the system: Investing in developing new features on the trading system, increasing the ability to connect and interact with customers, especially the online trading system. Along with the growing number of institutional clients, the number of additional Bloomberg terminals will also be increased.
-  On personnel: For the institutional clients group, adding senior staff Institution Clients Development, Institution Clients and Investor Relations, Investment Analysis and Advisory. For the personal clients group, recruitment of brokers is done in parallel with enhancing the efficiency of the brokerage team through the development of training programs, and effective monitoring and work management.


-  Ensuring the quality of capital management, maintaining the position of the No. 1 reputable and resourceful securities company on the market.
-  Annual total asset growth reaching 10%
-  Providing diversified and effective structured products


Increasing the total asset under management, becoming the leading fund management company in Vietnam with 3 strategic directions:
-  Strong expansion of the domestic customer base through open-ended funds and portfolio management services.
-  Expansion of domestic institutional clients and insurance companies.
-  Became the leading partner of foreign organizations when investing in the Vietnam securities market.


Striving to maintain the leading position in the security market through:
-  Providing comprehensive financial solutions to customers, focusing on the capital market segment, and promoting M&A advisory services.
-  Establishing close relationships with major financial institutions in Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, etc.
-  Carrying out specialization of human resources


-  Defining a value-for-money investment strategy that is flexible and close to the market, regularly evaluates macroeconomic factors, follows the operation fundamentals of businesses, determines intrinsic value of businesses without being dominated by the current market prices;
-  Allocating portfolio to leverage market's growth momentum while ensuring that volatility risks are mitigated at home and abroad;
-  Balancing long-term strategic investments and passive investments.