Share information and investor relation activities in 2017












Details on shareholders, ownership of internal person & related person, transaction of internal person & related person are presented in Appendix 01 and 02 of this report.





In 2017, SSI continued to maintain and intensify shareholder and investor relations activities, aiming at the objective of “maximizing shareholders’ value.” Many activities were designed to increase transparency, protect shareholders’ rights and ensure equality among various shareholder groups. The Company proactively took actions to share information and connect to the investor community, winning trust from existing shareholders while facilitating access to many potential ones and promoting SSI’s brand in both Vietnam and the region.

Promoting information transparency
In order to ensure transparent information disclosure to investors, SSI developed a complete, accurate and timely process of disclosing important matters as well as those that affect stock prices and investors’ decisions in accordance with the Ministry of Finance (MOF)’s Circular 155/2015/TT-BTC.

In 2017, SSI continued to provide investors with quarterly updates of business performance. Such updates, which provided in-depth explanation of impacting factors on the revenues/profits in the period, and operations as well as achievements of each business unit, helped keep investors accurately informed for sound decision making. The information was also made available to the press and prospective investors, both individual and institutional, ensuring access to the latest updates. Besides, the Investor Relations Division also played an active role in receiving and responding to shareholders’ inquiries via multiple channels including telephone, email, or in-person meetings.

The corporate website at serves as an efficient communication channel where updates of SSI’s activities are fully provided. Investors can obtain therefrom publicly available information, financial data, meeting minutes and important documents such as the Company’s Charter, Corporate Governance Principles, etc. from the Company’s establishment in both Vietnamese and English.

Annual reports are published on an annual basis and provide an overview of the Company’s operations, financial position, business performance, governance as well as sustainable development activities. SSI’s annual reports have repeatedly been named among the best reports in annual voting held by HOSE.

Protecting shareholder interests
At SSI, top priority has always been given to the protection of shareholder interests and equality.

In order to facilitate shareholders’ complete, accurate and timely access to important information affecting investment decisions, SSI has, over the years, strived to diversify its information channels to include corporate website, email, mass media, shareholders’ meetings, annual reports, etc. Particularly, in 2016, SSI became one of the first listed companies to commit to providing information disclosure in English on HOSE’s website. Such initiative aims to ensure equal access to corporate information between local and foreign shareholders.

Regarding the right to attend and vote at Shareholders’ Meetings, to vote for and dismiss Board members: SSI shareholders are always clearly notified of the meeting rules and voting process at Annual Meetings. Moreover, all meeting materials are provided prior to meeting days, allowing adequate timing shareholders’ preparation and decision making. In addition, proxy voting is also available. The Company’s Charter and Governance Principles expressly provide that equality is to be ensured to all shareholders, without any preferential treatments, and that voting is to take place proportional to the number of shares owned.

Over the years, a regular dividend rate of 10% has been maintained by SSI to ensure stable and periodic earnings for its shareholders.

Actively connecting with the investor community
In 2017, the Company continued to receive many analysts and portfolio managers from a number of foreign investment funds based in Japan, the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. who came to work with our management to understand the Company’s development strategy, business lines, investment operations as well as other in-depth economic-financial information.

Besides, the Company’s Management also participated in several investor conferences both at home and abroad, sharing views on macroeconomic, Vietnam stock market as well as the introduction of SSI’s activities, performance to the investor community.

Event that SSI attended in 2017: