The corporate governance model consists of independent sub-committees of the BOD to take charge of Risk Management and Internal Audit to help the BOD perform these functions. Currently, the BOD has appointed independent Members of the BOD to be in charge of Risk Management and Internal Audit.
Activities of the independent BOD member in charge of risk management: 
Reviewing and commenting before submitting to the BOD for approval the risk management policies and limits;
Reviewing reports of the CEO, the Risk Management and other departments related to the operation of RM;
Assessing the Company’s overall effectiveness in risk management. 
Activities of the independent member in charge of internal audit: 
Reviewing and evaluating issues related to the organizational structure of internal audit; draft internal audit strategy and policy before presenting to the BOD for approval and decisions; 
Examining and evaluating the compliance with procedures, accounting standards and principles of operation of Internal Audit; 
Reporting on the performance and effectiveness of internal audit performed during the year; proposing solutions to overcome shortcomings and limitations in order to improve the business operations of the Company;
Advising the BOD on the issuance of internal audit strategies and policies. 
In addition, independent BOD Member when attending meetings of the BOD, also provide inputs, feedbacks and suggestions on business strategies and plans. 
The Chairman of the BOD is responsible for overall guidance of the BOD’s activities in accordance with the functions, tasks, and authority provided for in the Company Charter as well as the current provisions of the law, particularly:
Preparing programs and action plans of the BOD;
Preparing programs, agenda, and documents for the meetings; convening and chairing BOD meetings;
Organizing the ratification of BOD’s resolutions;
Supervising the implementation of the BOD;
Chairing GSM and meetings of the BOD. 
In addition, the Chairman also acts as the Chief Executive Officer, leading the Board of Management and employees to effectively carry out the resolutions of the GSM and the BOD on business plans, investment plans and other activities. The plurality of offices is adopted by the annual GSM. 
Independent BOD members are assigned to perform risk management and internal audit tasks as described in the activities of the subcommittees. In addition, these members also participate in meetings of the BOD to review proposed strategic orientation, business plan; monitor activities and monthly report on the activities of the Board, monitoring results of the Board of Managers sent to members of the BOD in accordance with the Company Charter. 
2018 was a year of ups and downs of Vietnam Stock Market. VN-Index surpassed the historical peak, setting a record on April 10, 2018 at 1,211 points. However, from this new peak, VN-Index dropped sharply, with the last session in 2018 ended at 892.54 points, decreasing by 26.3% from the peak and marking a decrease of 9.32% YoY. 
However, as the largest securities company in the market, grounded with sustainable development strategies and ceaseless efforts of all Company's employees and leaders, SSI business achievements were still beyond the plan. The total revenue of the parent Company in 2018 reached VND 4,060 billion, increasing by 37.2% compared to 2017. Pre-tax profit reached VND 1,738 billion, recording an increase of 36%. Total consolidated revenue reached more than VND 3,997 billion and consolidated pre-tax profit reached VND 1,623 billion, exceeding the business plan for 2018. At the year end, SSI's total assets reached VND 23,825.6 billion, observing an increase of 30% year to date. 
On December 18, 2018, Saigon Securities Incorporation celebrated its 18th anniversary and officially changed its name to SSI Securities Corporation, creating the consistency between the Company's name and its abbreviated name and stock ticker. This is considered a necessary change to promote SSI brand recognition among investors, in the context that SSI is gradually becoming a valuable brand, valued at USD 30.8 million.
After 18 years of establishment and development, SSI won itself No. 1 position in the market with a network of 14 Branches and Transaction Offices. Moreover, as of early 2019, SSI became No. 1 securities company in terms of total assets and charter capital, reaching over USD1 billion and VND5,000 billion, respectively. At regional level, SSI is now among the largest ASEAN securities companies in terms of capitalization, total assets, revenue, and profit.
SSI operation always complies with the law, fully fulfills its obligations to the State, evidencing by its place in top 100 most tax-paying private companies, performing well its social responsibility, including charity work.
Corporate governance activities are transparent, harmonizing the Company's interests with the interests of Shareholders, Clients, Partners, Employees and Communities. At the end of 2018, the Company had more than 1,000 well-trained employees who always embrace professional ethics, business culture, dedicated service and great trust as their top values. 
The BOD highly appreciated and recognized the Board of Management's performance in 2018. The Board of Management always showed their solidarity and creativity, actively organized and fully implemented the Resolutions of the GMS and BOD in a timely and effective manner.   
The Board of Management maintained monthly meetings to have timely and appropriate directions, continue good momentum, overcome weaknesses, and give creative directions and ideas for timely implementation in the month.
Internal audit and control were carried out regularly to prevent and control risks.  
SSI had formed business ethics and company culture through promulgating regulations, organizing team-building activities, enhancing teamwork skills. 
The Company's 18th anniversary was well organized, which provided a good chance to review the Company's development in the past 18 years, and at the same time, showing its gratitude to Customers for accompanying the Company for nearly two decades and soliciting new Customers. Customers were always put at the center of SSI's operation.
Relations with the public, investors, media agencies were always paid great attention to, making the Company's image more popular to the public. 
SSI's 2019 business orientations: maintain the leading position; build professional and creative team who always show ceaseless efforts for company's development; maintain the No. 1 position in brokerage market share; offer the best products and services, tailored to each customer segment.
The Company continues to pursue the strategy of expanding brokerage networks, Branches and Transaction Offices, developing flexible products and services to support customers in optimizing their investment, ensuring capital adequacy in margin lending.
The year 2019 witnesses a continued trend in privatization and divestment of state-owned enterprises. The Government's new decree which facilitates the issuance of corporate bonds, along with the development and expansion of the securities market, are creating greater opportunities for investment banking activities. Taking this opportunity, SSI Investment Banking will improve competitiveness to provide advisory, underwriting, securities brokerage and securities investment services. 
SSI Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SSIAM) continues to research new products related to bonds and fixed-rate instruments, pension funds to offer under appropriate market conditions. In terms of Retail Customers, SSIAM will promote cooperation with securities companies and commercial banks to introduce investment fund products/portfolio to the public. In terms of institutional customers, SSIAM enhances access to insurance institutions and companies, proactively deepens cooperation with existing institutional customers in order to not only expand entrusted assets value but also grasp cross-selling opportunity from both sides for mutual development.
Improving IT quality, ensuring information security and safety in any situation. Human resource development is coupled with streamlining, improving efficiency and operational capacity of the apparatus. 
SSI continues to implement corporate governance and social responsibility in a transparent manner in compliance with laws, balancing interests of the Company, Employees, Investors, Shareholders and Communities.