Business Units 



  • Products and Services for enabling investing in listed stocks and mutual funds including: opening of trading accounts, brokerage, advisory, cash transactions, securities depository; consultancy and support for OTC transactions, distribution of open-ended fund certificates, and distribution of certificates of deposit and corporate bond;
  • Financial services: margin financing, and cooperation with banks to support securities trading;
  • E-trading services: Web Trading, Pro Trading, Mobile Trading, Smart Trading, Contact Center and SMS;
  • Research and Investment Advisory: macro reports, investment advisory report, daily call report, industry research report, company reports, stock valuation reports, money market reports, fund flow reports, technical analysis reports;
  • Corporate access: company visits to listed/unlisted companies, seminars to introduce investment opportunities to Vietnam and international investors.



  • Treasury business activities including currency transaction and investment through term-deposits contracts, loan contracts, entrustment, bond repos, fixed income instruments and other structured product transactions;
  • Bond services including brokerage, auctions and underwriting services;
  • Providing flexible structured products to optimize advantage in funding needs as well as investment capital on the market with optimal interest rates and with appropriate maturities.



  • Corporate financing advisory: business evaluation, corporate financing restructuring, listing and Initial Public Offering (IPO) advisory;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) advisory;
  • Advisory for capital raising in domestic and international capital market: stock issuance and underwriting, bond and derivatives issuance via public offering or private placement.



  • Fund Management: capital mobilization and management for onshore and offshore funds;
  • Portfolio Management: discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management for domestic/international institutions as well as individual customers, corporate clients and Private Wealth management;
  • Investment Advisory: for institutional and individual, domestic and foreign customers; strategy and asset allocation advisory.