Human resources


Human resources is always the decisive key to the success, especially in the financial services business. SSI has policy on intensive investment and development of human resources with high quality and deep knowledge of market, orienting customer’s benefits based on efficient supply of products and services.




Optimizing trading and ordering system is first priority to maintain system stability and interests of customers. SSI will refine the existing trading system for both stock and derivatives transactions, develop new order placement channels, and enable faster connectivity with transaction systems of international clients. The transaction system at which SSI aims is the most preeminent system on the market to become the firm mainstay for other departments for their business promotion and development. In addition, SSI will promote low-cost order placement channel DMA and algorithmic trading for relevant customers.






SSI Investment Banking aims to hold its leading position in the investment banking in the stock market through:


Providing comprehensive financial solutions to clients;


Establishing close cooperation with major global financial institutions;


Carrying out specialization of human resources.





Justify our established position of No. 1 securities company in term of reputation and financial capability through: 


Improving the quality of capital management;


Stable year-on-year growth in total assets;


Offering diversified and effective structured products. 




Investment activities will maintain significant contribution to total revenue based on two major sectors: Investment in equity and Investment in derivatives.


Investment in equity


Proper allocation of each investment strategy in portfolio: between long-term and short-term; growth, value and hedging; listed shares and IPO/OTC. Proportion of each investment strategy varies from time to time depending on the macroeconomics as well as business background of each business line and enterprise;


Investment in companies with attractive evaluation and proper governance system. 


Investment in derivatives


Flexible investment determination, focus on market maker to help customers access to derivative products (warrants, options, etc.);


Concentration on development of quantitative transaction and automatic buying/selling strategies, prevention from subjective risk factors due to human;


Promotion of ETF, engagement in establishment of funds and market maker for ETF funds on the market.






Mid and long-term targets of SSIAM are efficient management of trusted funds of investors and sustainable growth of total assets, through:


- Enhancing investment, risk management and service quality capacities; 


- Maintaining continuous relations with Investors to understand investment demands and trends in the future to develop appropriate product lines;


- Developing new distribution channels to better approach potential investors. 


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