Since our early days, SSI defined and has relentlessly pursued our target to become a leading financial institution in Vietnam and reach out to international markets, to uphold the “Connect Capital to Opportunities” mission, with customer-centric approach. Our persistent target yet flexible approach in addition to business acumen not only help SSI remain resilient against ups and downs on the market, but also justify our position as the No. 1 Securities Company in Vietnam.


SSI believes that the combination between a prestigious brand and operation under standards shall maximize the Shareholders’ benefits:


In addition, every five-year development strategy is accompanied by a three-year action plan to clear targets, duties and each specific step, for each business unit as follows:




SSI Retail Brokerage aims at No. 1 position in terms of market share, diversification and quality of products and services, and personnel efficiency and working environment, through:


Increase number of customers and diversify products for all customer segments

In addition to strong development of traditional customer groups being “high value trade” and “high net-worth value” - contributing to major density of market share, SSI will expand to customer groups who newly join the market, transfer from other investment channels (e.g. Groups of bank deposits, investment in real assets, etc.). The development and expansion of customer groups will be comprehensively implemented via various channels, such as advisory team (major channel), online transaction channels, simulation system, social networks, etc.


Diversification of product and quality, application of technology in product

The development strategy of products and services focus on 3 factors: diversified development; quality; and technology application in development of products to optimize value for customers.

In term of diversification of products and services, in addition to improvement of traditional products such as investment advisory, research report, margin lending, certificates of close-ended/open-ended funds, portfolio management, derivatives, etc., SSI continues to promote the low-risk and fixed-rate products such as corporate bonds. This is a strategic product in competition with banks to attract and expand the new customer groups. The Company continues to accompany the management authorities in research and development of new products under implementation roadmap of the State Securities Commission of Vietnam such as derivatives on stock, option contract, etc.

In term of quality, SSI continues to develop each product group according to investment requirements of customers based on risk acceptance level, investment target and duration of each group. Specifically, for investment advisory, some sample portfolios such as long-term portfolio, basic portfolio with term of 3-6 months, development portfolio, or short-term transaction portfolio by cash flow, etc. will be developed for each customer group based on risk acceptance level and investment time of each group. Moreover, procedures of service supply are also standardized and enhanced to high standards to improve satisfaction of customers during experience journey.

For technology application during product deployment, grasping demands of customers and development trends of technology, SSI has been focusing on research, development and supply of many modern, convenient and safe technology platforms to ensure high security.


Journey of upgrading our broker from “investment advisor” to “financial advisor”

SSI’s brokers have had drastic changes during the past time, coming from “securities broker” with low advisory ability, mainly at information supply, then changed to “investment advisor” with high advisory content, clear investment methods and accompany with customers during investment, highly appreciated on the market. In new business context, fierce competition comes from customers’ increased demands, in addition to quality and diversification of financial products and services, the quality of advisory staff needs intensive improvement. Customers need advisors that understand their own requirements, thus, advisors must make proper portfolio for each customer. Advisors not only give consults and establish a proper portfolio but also need orientation to portfolio monitoring and structure, periodic assessment to make comparison to initial targets. Moreover, advisors need more knowledge of financial products in addition to traditional products as shares, for establishment of a more diversified and better risk prevention portfolio. Therefore, in new context, SSI’s strategy of staff development is to enhance from “investment advisor” to “financial advisor”.





SSI promotes supply of comprehensive and proper products and services to target customer in the world including traditional markets in US, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, UK, etc. to new and other potential markets, and opening investment opportunities in Vietnam for international retail and institutional investors. Given the Government’s efforts in upgrade Vietnam stock market to an emerging market, SSI is required to have proper customer development policies to target to customers with bigger scale and more stringent requirements on service standards. Different customer groups and markets have various investment approaches. SSI responds to this by improving servicing quality, coming up with new solutions to optimize customer servicing, and diversifying product offering to cater all customer types over time. Market development strategy based on reliable partners are always appreciated for markets with specific requirements.



Product and service policies are always established and adjusted properly for each institutional customer.

In the near future, SSI Institutional Brokerage will prioritize cross-selling products to capture the opportunities of major IPOs and the privatization movement ordered by the Government and private release of enterprises. As Vietnam stock market matures, diversified investment portfolio and service quality are the two preconditions to attract and retain customers. In addition to share market opportunities, SSI diversifies its product portfolio with ETF, corporate bonds, future contracts (futures) and covered warrants (CW).


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