Digital transformation has been considered as a global trend, bringing massive benefits for enterprises including efficient resources spending, operating costs saving, approach to new customers and retaining existing customers. It also helps the Board of Management to make quick and accurate decision thanks to a smooth and timely reporting system. As a result, the company’s operation and competitiveness are improved. Digital transformation is a key focus topic at SSI in 2019. A number of activities are implemented on the whole system and initially gained remarkable results.



Along with maintaining and improving the performance of information technology system, the Company focused its resources on developing new and modern technological platforms, including several launched products as follows:


Information portal: iBoard smart price board, launched in late 2019, is an effective tool to support investors in making timely investment decisions, thanks to its friendly interface, multi-tier information system and quick order features. As one of the fastest and most modern price board in the market, iBoard can serve the diverse needs of customers for both equity and derivatives products. It is also the only price board in Vietnam that can update warrants' information real time.


Online trading platform: SSI’s Next Generation Online Trading system (NGOT) is full force implementing and targeted to be on-air in the first half of 2020.  iBoard is also integrated with quick order on web, iOS, and Android, allowing customers to update information, analyze and make decision in one single place for both equity and derivatives market. Besides, other trading channels are under development and going to release in the first half of 2020.


Customer Acquisition Channels – SSI launched iChat - its first native Vietnamese language chatbot, actively supporting clients on requests related to general information and products/ services of SSI. For phase 2, iChat aims to provide better customer care via market information supporting, order placement, etc. 

iWin - a simulated trading platform for equity and derivatives markets, which is an ideal environment for investors to get acquainted with the stock market, as well as test their investment strategies. In 2020, iWin will continue to be upgraded with more lively and social features.


Customer Care: A comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been released for SSI’s institutional clients. SSI also finished the processes of reengineering for customer & sales management in retail brokerage. Corresponding solution shall be released in 2020. In addition, SSI’s Contact Center will be rebuilt and released in 2020.


Product development: our core trading was consistently extended and developed to be on-time for new products in the market. In 2019, SSI has full spectrum supports for Covered Warrant from trading, IPO, settlement to market making. Bond trading was also enabled in the same year.


Operation supports: In addition to business support activities, in 2019, SSI introduced E-learning, the company’s new website and kicked off many important operation support projects. They all contributed to increase human resource productivity, reduce operation expense, and improve the efficiency of the whole governance system.


These above achievements are such results of the strong expansion of IT team in 2019. There have more than 30 experts with full gears taking care SSI’s infrastructure, system and operations. The system stability achievement is over 99% and to be kept on improving. SSI’s Quality Control (QC) team extended the coverage to operational governing with significant improvement on the quality of service and product rolling out to the live environment as well as awareness of Service-level Agreement (SLA) compliance and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) achievement. Our SLA achievement on services is around 98%.


Last but not least, we never forget the importance of information security. From 2019, SSI has team of 5+ people taking care these critical subjects. With this team of professionals, we prevented, detected and resolved issues before any material damage to the organization. The Company also equipped them with cutting-edge technical facilities particularly on prevention and detection.


Looking forward to 2020, SSI set higher demand on SLA compliance on service availability and minimize turn-around time. The Company will also introduce more innovative transformation of the technology services and products for our customers.




SSI team - 20 years of development and cohesion


Over 20 years of formation and development, SSIers with their beliefs, pride and pioneer missions jointly develop and create a great and transparent SSI with the focus on SSI team’s development - the sustainable foundation for SSI to become the symbol domestically and regionally.


SSI team constantly develops year by year in the terms of human resources scale as well as depth development on governance. As of the end of December 2019, the employee size of the Company has exceeded 1,000 persons, an increase of over 150 times compared to the establishment, and the Business units accounts for 80% of whole SSI human resources.


In 2019, new employee hires were 207, most of whom were under 30 years, well-trained with a rate of 86.7% for undergraduate and 11.0% for postgraduate.








Throughout the 20-year journey, SSI pays special attention to select the team of potential and talented candidates, the leading experts who are enthusiastic, ambitious and ready to take the new opportunities and challenges. SSI believes that the combination between the enhancement of new talents with experience platform at domestic and abroad reputable organizations and the senior personnel at SSI during many years will create the remarkable strength to implement and realize the Company’s development strategies from time to time.


Moreover, the Company also conducts the multi-dimensional and annual cooperation activities with major universities in Vietnam, international student communities from the developed countries such as UK, US, Australia, etc., oriented to attracting the young, dynamic and creative human resources.


Outstanding cooperation and sponsorship programs in 2019: Interns at John Von Neumann Institute (JVN), Talk-show on perception of career choices “Connect the Dots” with overseas students in UK through the Hanoi Association of Vietnamese Students in UK and Northern Ireland (SV UK), SEO Vietnam Careers Program, “Faculty of Economics Stock Exchange - FESE” Contest, “Finance and Banking Arena Contest - FBACX:, etc.; promoting strategic cooperation activities with the parties through research, professional exchange and sharing projects.


Investment for the future                  


The biggest competitive advantages of SSI are the strength of resources, solidarity and trust in the Company, high commitment and professionalism of each member. Investment in human resources is the investment for the future, and training and development are one of the key factors that promote the career advancement of each individual, a constructive contributor to the common success of SSI.


Understanding values of human resources, SSI always appreciates and invests in training and development of every individual through a series of programs right since joining, including: compulsory training courses required by SSC, training courses on specialist skills, training programs to establish a management platform (customers, teams, organizational structure) with high applicability help employees have stable professional knowledge, understand thoroughly and well apply governance skills, develop their long-term visions for progress, achievements in career and long-term attachment to the Company.      





Internal training activities throughout the system via technical training sessions, seminars, professional coach, etc.; created enabling conditions to link members from the South - North regions, Managers with Staff, Staff members in one department and those from different departments for them to contribute feedback on activity orientation, operational experience, spiritual connection, and together create a “transparent, honest, effective and creative working environment”.


In 2019, SSI also developed and launched E-learning online training system to help the employees have new learning methods, more flexibility in terms of time, location and interacts during learning; it is a tool to promote professional learning and testing, diversify and quickly update the knowledge required by the Company.


Only does SSI succeed when every individual succeeds


The maturity of SSI in general and the SSI staff in particular show their determination for pursue of the SSI founders and Board of Management on the Vision “The business of success”.


SSI pays special attention to the hunting and development of potential candidates under its human resource development plan to deliver short-term plans and long-term strategies of the organization. 


The newly promoted employees are provided with training courses to supplement skills, knowledge and tools for the work, including leadership skills, governance skills, business strategy development and implementation; at the same time, direct support and on-the-job training are conducted regularly to facilitate newly appointed employees accomplished the assigned tasks and continue to develop their career ladders.