To successfully achieve these targets, specific solutions are identified for dedicated business units based on long-term strategic vision and focus for sustainability enablers: Product and Service Quality, Human Resources Development and System Development. Customer-Centric Approach is adopted in every activity.

2020 action plan by business unit are presented as follows. 



Efficient segmentation of current customers

SSI focuses on customer segmentation based investment demands, features, etc., thus, product supply on demand. In addition, the Company levers and exploits the current customer database, supplements many new products to establish proper portfolio for requirements of many customer segments. 


Focus on quality of human resources and initial establishment of Financial advisory

SSI makes brokers re-assessment, no mass hiring of new brokers, classification and review of current one in quality-focused orientation; periodic assessment to remove inappropriate one and retain good one, proper payment policy in line with contribution.   


Completion of internal training system

The Company continues to improve and supplement the contents of internal training system aiming at transformation from “investment advisor” into “financial advisor”. The contents will cover aspects from development and training orientation on financial products, sales and customer care procedures, professional training on investment methods and procedures, technical analysis, establishment and maintenance of relations, marketing, etc., contributing to comprehensive development of knowledge and skills to meet customer demands in new context. 


Completion of KPI system and supplement of proper policies to new orientation

Additional establishment of KPI system (key performance indicator) and personnel classification under new orientation also are a focus for 2020. Besides, policies for strategy of human resources development will be adjusted to align with new orientation. 


Development of financial and technological products

In addition to diversification of financial products, especially bonds to attract customers with bank deposits, SSI continues to make sharp investment in technological products including product groups for young customers, frequently trading customers, internal technological products in customer segmentation, performance monitoring and assessment.  





Forecasted to cope with many difficulties in 2020, both in subjective and objective, for Institutional Brokerage, 2020 is determined as a pivotal year to develop and consolidate its staff, products, services and systems as a premise for greater speed-ups in the future.


Therefore, in term of clients, SSI concentrates on consolidation of traditional markets and development of new target customers in these markets, especially customers with new investments in Vietnam. SSI also finds proper and worthy partners in key markets such as US, Europe. Developing new markets will be implemented if possible. 


On products: SSI makes intensive investment in complete products and services, and personalization for each customer. Stable frequency and quality of products and services are assured.


On human resources: recruitment of personnel in charge of institutional customers with proper quality in accordance with the Company’s development criteria.  


On system: Efficient completion and launching new OMS system to serve Institutional customers. 




In 2020, SSI Investment Banking will offer specialization to improve service quality and focus on advisory services as follows:


Capital market: forecast and seek opportunities in capital market, focus on advisory services on public offering shares, equity finance through private placement of listed shares, offering to capitalized State-owned enterprises, etc.

Debt market: forecast the potential and update market information, seek opportunities in advisory on equity finance in debt market for customers through bond issuance, advisory on proper loan syndication for customers. 




Maintain growth rate of total assets, enhance business performance


Growth of total assets is the first target of SSI Treasury to maintain SSI’s No. 1 position of a prestigious and financial potential Securities company on the market. In order to improve business performance and satisfy capital demands with the most appropriate expenses, SSI will continue to promote its credit relationship with domestic and foreign institutions, optimize market opportunities and approach cheap capital. In addition, SSI will prioritize to strengthen capital supervision and management, and risk management in terms of duration, and quality of investment assets for high liquidity safety and financial efficiency in Treasury’s business operations.


Promote new financial instruments to accommodate customer’s demands


Continuing the success of S-Bond in 2019, along with development orientation of Private Wealth Management and advantages of the leading securities company in terms of market share, SSI Structured Products Department will cooperate with related departments to design financial product packages in a diversified manner to serve customer’s purposes of investment and financial risk prevention. 




For Investment in stocks, SSI will divest from mature investments that gaining expected profit and non-strategic investments. The Company conducts disbursement adapted to market developments, depending on domestic and international macroeconomic signals in each period (bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, crisis, inflation, natural disasters and epidemics risks). In periods with sharp market fluctuations, proportion of short-term portfolio will be used flexibly to grasp opportunities, maximize profits, and minimize cost of capital for the Company. 


In stock selection, SSI focuses on stocks with medium-large capitalization, high liquidity, good governance model, and sustainable growth, mainly in business sectors such as Airlines, Manufacturing, Retail and Telecommunication. The ratio distribution by stock depends on enterprise valuation from time to time, liquidity of stocks as well as operation situation and prospects of each sector in each period.


In addition, SSI Principal Investment also proactively cooperates with Internal Departments and other departments within the Company to optimize profits and limit risks, such as: combination of investment in stocks and investment in derivatives in product structure (futures, covered warrants, etc.), in cooperation with Investment Banking and SSIAM in seeking for new investment opportunities. 


For Investment in derivatives, SSI will continue to deploy many new sectors such as ETF, warrants, quantitative transaction, etc. Combination with SSI Information Technology for system and strategy establishment to automate transaction strategies.


For covered warrants, in 2020, SSI will continue its issuance of attractive warrant codes with proper valuation for investors to earn profit through sales of covered warrants. The Company determines its roles in service supplier of this product, thus, creates the most favor conditions for Investors to approach product through valuation and market creation.


For ETF products, Principal Investment is also the member to establish Fund, serves SSI’s customers the best and optimize warehouse portfolio for ETF and stock/cash to prevent from risks for warrants.




Promotion of new products


In 2020, SSIAM is expected to establish and list 2 ETFs, namely ETF SSIAM VNFIN LEAD and ETF SSIAM VN30, as well as close PE fund DAIWA-SSIAM III to start investment. For other funds in process of preparation, SSIAM continues to work with partners for consideration of deployment.


Development of distribution channel


SSIAM understands the importance of distribution channel in bringing products to customers effectively. At present, in Vietnam, distribution channel of fund certificates is still limited as only a few commercial banks are granted licenses in distribution of open-ended fund certificates, meanwhile, commercial banks in many other countries in the world are the main distribution channel. The Company will continue to look for other potential distribution channels, with expectation of effectively bringing products to customers.


Upgrade of fund certificate trading system, and improvement of other processes and procedures within Company


At the end of 2018, SSIAM deployed “SSIAM On The Go” – online trading platform for open-ended fund certificates to help investors to place trading and manage their account. In 2020, the Company will continue to upgrade this platform to provide investors with some more utilities.


Other systems will be improved for automation, accordingly, mitigate operational human errors. The Company also review business processes and revise if necessary, for assurance of the best services to customers.