Key success drivers



2017 is definitely an excited year for Vietnam stock market. A new market for Index or Bond Future trading has been released in Vietnam. This is not only marked the market to a rich instruments environment and also competitive to the other mature markets in the region. Launching such new market in Vietnam demands a huge investment and preparation in trading firms participating the Index & Bond Future trading market. Obviously, the entire technology setup is one of the core items to be fulfilled. SSI made it on-time!

Information Technology Operations

Information technology (IT) SSI advanced to 96.5% service level agreement (SLA) compliance for over 13,000 user requests per month in 2017. Comparing with 2016, the improvement is only 0.5%. Although this little improvement spent us a lot of efforts, SSI believed it was worth. SSI will have a higher target in next year.


In year 2017, our focus on IT Operations was on how to apply Agile to meet the high demand of the dynamic market. The several projects included the complex Derivative Project for Index Future trading has been demonstrated Agile able to help a lot in the organization. IT SSI will fully apply it to other areas in 2018.


Our Infrastructure team & Operations team applied the methodologies in ITIL framework. IT Operations became more structural and service oriented.

Stability & Availability
There is nothing important than a stable environment for the business growing healthy. Significant amount of resource was spent on monitoring and maintaining the availability of the technology platform. In 2017, IT SSI achieved 99.9% availability. SSI will try to achieve better result in 2018.


Regarding the capacity of the technology platforms, SSI maintained the principle of “Lean and Mean”. Our management facilities kept close monitoring of system utilization. Capacity expansion was only kicked in when the utilization is over 75%.


For data contingency or protection, all business data were kept in redundant mode. There were several hard-disk failures happened in 2017. All were not causing any business interruption due to the data redundancy protection. Our data backup policy further ensured zero data lost according to their retention period.


A stable environment for business operations is always our top of the line in technology operations. SSI spent most of our time to improve and/or maintain the stability of our system environment.


Needless to say, our data center with full redundant protection is sufficient enough to keep our servers and/or applications operating healthy.


IT SSI kept the quarterly review on Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). The yearly stress-tests of the DRP was also performed on November. In 2017, SSI didn’t find any new scenario to add into the current 48 scenarios DRP. In early 2018, analysis on derivative market will be started.

Information Security
Information security in SSI is moving on the direction of structural manner. SSI classified our risk and information security into 5 different categories with data security in the core, data accessibility by applications being the next layers, then following by servers, networks, public access and finally ended at policy, process, and procedures (PPP).


SSI believes working out in this manner able to protect the data security to the highest level, where only corresponding applications able to access the data.


For protection facilities, SSI had new system controlling the password for accessing server dynamically. SSI has its own penetration test solution for the scanning of those common scenarios. For antivirus, anti-spam, and anti-cyberattack, SSI has latest technology as well as latest information for protection.  


How to make the business stand in the front of competitive edge of technology is always the question in head. IT SSI is not only asking the question but looking for answers. The answers can be innovative enough such as adaptation of Artificial Intelligence in the business. And it can be so simple on automating several reports.


Although most of the efforts of the technology section were on 2 core system implementations in 2017, SSI spent significant amount of time on discussion, researching, and justification for what we should do in next few years.  


Several areas were kicked into the project pipeline such as the following.
1.    Customer Relationship Management.
2.    Business Automation.
3.    Digitization.
4.    Business Intelligence.


Key focus is not only technology advantage but improvement of business operations by technology such as shortening the time-to-market, or minimizing paper work in the organization, etc. SSI is excited to see the result in 2018.