Business sectors







SSI’s principal investment is managed by SSI Asset Management Ltd. (SSIAM)

In active investment strategy, SSI has representation on the Board of Directors (BOD) and / or the Supervisory Board in these businesses and work closely with the Board of Management in a number of sectors with competitive advantages and benefiting from macro economy: agriculture, manufacture, transportation infrastructure. All the three Companies came up with positive business results, bringing about added value to SSI in terms of SSI’s consolidated profit and market value growth. Two of three associated companies reached an impressive double-digit profit growth as follows: The PAN Group JSC. (PAN – HOSE) - 44%, Dong Nai Port JSC. (PDN – HOSE) - 23%. Vietnam Fumigation JSC. (VFG – HOSE)’s profit slightly decreased by 5%, however, the company continued to maintain its runner-up share in the sector of agricultural chemicals.


In passive investment strategy, SSI employs a rational asset allocation strategy, increases shareholding ratio in the sectors benefiting from movements of domestic and world economy, and changes pricing among industries and companies to seek investment opportunities. In addition, SSI also conducted analysis on the factors affecting the market for preparation of investment plan to leverage those market factors.


Over time, investment size of SSI and SSIAM has considerably and rapidly increased; several new investment products have been adopted in the market such as derivatives, covered warrants, customers’ entrusted accounts with specific investment requirements. Therefore, in order to ensure the absolute transparency and complete separation of SSIAM’s management over external clients’ asset and SSI’s asset, SSI put an end to its entrusted asset of VND 3,700 billion under SSIAM’s management by the end of 2017, excluding parallel portfolio with Daiwa and portfolio of unlisted companies (Private Equity).